Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Everyone, at times get a brainstorm for a new business concept. Some of these ideas are rock solid and become successful enterprises. Others, on the other hand, are duds, flop, never work, never will. Some never get off the ground, and here are some of these Einstien ideas that didn't work....Business Ideas that Somehow Failed:
Geriatric City: Quality housing for older citizens that couldn't attract retirees, despite the mirrored bedroom ceilings, the hot tubs, the adjacent burial plots and other amenities.
Pump and Hump: A Nevada brothel that offered self-service gasoline to its customers.
Sticky Wickets: Pre-owned erotica toys for sale at attractive discount prices.
Hair and Now: Fast, inexpensive hair replacement using cat fur and thumb tacks.
Paradise Lost and Found: A gynecological clinic franchise specializing in "50,000 mile tune-ups".
UNIX for Hire: A computer consulting firm that just couldn't build a long-term customer base.
In the Closet: A line of closet organizers that never caught on with young marrieds and new homeowners.
Scratch and Sniff: A new medication for hemorroids...available in all your favorite fragrances.
Some novel ideas indeed, can't figure out just why they didn't work. .....GED.....

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