Saturday, January 5, 2008


During the frame of time in my life, the years when I was 18 until I was 20 I worked in a mental ward of a general hospital. The hospital was in Morristown, New Jersey and had one floor in the hospital dedicated to mental patients only. It was the 5th floor of the Franklin wing, therefore it was called Franklin Five. I was assigned to work as a technician on that floor and worked there for two years.
This story takes place there, on Franklin Five, and is about an old man named Carl Sandburg, he was one of the patients I clearly remember. The old man was 82 years old and was placed in there by his granddaughters because he was to frisky around them, always grabbing their asses and feeling them up to the point they thought he was out of control. They brought him to the hospital to see what was wrong with him, to have him evaluated as to why he was so grabby, touchy, feelie.
Well I'll tell you what, there was absolutely nothing wrong with this guy at all. This guy had an impeccable good taste for women, he was the same way around the nurses just like he was around his granddaughters, who, by the way were really good lookin' foxes, I might add. Now this guy didn't pick on all the nurses, he only picked the extremely good lookin' ones. Yes, he knew the difference, he didn't bother with the older homely looking ones, just the young foxy ones. After being around him for a few days I came to realize there was absolutely not a thing wrong with the old man except he loved good lookin' women, period. Old Carl loved to touch them too, the guy had a sly, sneaky way of slipping his hand up the nurses skirts that even made me proud and the nurses giggle. You would think they kinda liked it! Not the homely ones mind you, only the good lookin' young sexy ones, he knew the difference for sure. Well after a few days the doctors came to the same conclusion as I did, there wasn't anything wrong with him either. So the question was only were to place him, to separate him from the granddaughters. I'm not sure where he ended up but I came to this conclusion...
When I'm 82 I want to be just like him.

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