Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello everyone,
Here is the budget hearing schedule for Friday, Feb. 1, beginning at 8am in the House Chamber:
8:00-8:30 -- Dept. of Commerce
8:30-9:00 -- Dept. of Community and Cultural Affairs
9:00-9:30 -- Dept. of Labor
9:30-10:00 -- Dept. of Finance
10:00-10:30 -- Public School System
10:30-10:45 -- Northern Marianas College
10:45-11:15 -- Marianas Visitors Authority
11:15-11:45 -- Dept. of Public Safety
11:45-12:30 -- Dept. of Public Health
12:30-1:30 -- LUNCH/Press Conference in Speaker's Conference Room
1:30-2:00 -- Judiciary
2:00-2:15 -- Dept. of Public Works
2:15-2:30 -- Dept. of Lands and Natural Resources
2:30-2:45 -- Mayor of Saipan
2:45-3:00 -- Mayor of the Northern Islands
3:00-3:15 -- Mayor of Tinian and Aguigan
3:15-3:30 -- Mayor of Rota
Thanks very much,
Tina Sablan



me said...

Yumul's stab at the budget by calling for the brief hearings is all show, Glen, all show. OPA had a good program on the way last December and Yumul was one of those who agreed to call the hearings off. Could it be because OPA was providing professional and technical assistance and since numbers do not lie, politicians do, they cancelled the hearings.

Now they want to have the mini hearings?

Anonymous said...

Another dog and pony show which only illustrates the absurdity of the entire process. Most of these clowns have not even read the budget or analyzed it. They only concentrate on what they can get their greedy hands on.

me said...

Did anyone noticed that Yumul scheduled a one-hour press conference and only had minutes for hearing several agencies?

All show, no substance.

bigsoxfan said...

Ms Sablan is living up to her promises of open government as of week three. It can't hurt to see the glaringly obvious mis-prioritization with the schedule, maybe the people will figure it out.

If the CNMI is ready to proceed with their own immi/labor program, then shouldn't the PSS be allocated a more substantial block of time and presumably resources, to train the workers for the slots which will open up due to the (some would say, odiferous) sections of Pl..## blah blah. Heads out of the sand time. I'll try and find an ostrich picture for you.

glend558 said...

I have ostrich pic's, head in the sand kind.