Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Kudos to Judge David Wiseman for the sentence meted out to a copper wire thief. Here is his message to all like minded thieves... You will do time... Story Here
THE man found guilty of two misdemeanor charges in a copper wire theft case will spend two years in jail. Wiseman noted that “the reckless conduct” of copper wire thefts is due to the lack of a deterrent factor. “I believe that this case will represent one of the few copper wire theft cases where the one responsible will spend a significant amount of jail time,” he said in his order yesterday. “It is… this court’s position that the deterrence, retribution and incapacitation factors of sentencing should be of the utmost consideration with a strong message sent to those potential copper wire thieves and other offenders that substantial jail penalties await them if they engage in these reckless and senseless criminal activities,” the judge added.
This should send a clear and much needed message to thieves... We are tired of your shit and you will do real time.. The good judge is so right, there is a much needed determent and finally here is one that speaks volumes. Now if the rest of the otherwise wrist slapping judges follow suit there can a profound effect on crimes. The old adage, 'don't do the crime if you can't do the time.'
Now this message needs to get out to the machete carrying store robbers that toleration is a thing of the past and crime = time.. There is one robbery case in the works as we speak, throw the book at these dudes and continue sending a clear message, mandatory jail time to thieves... Kudos again Judge Wiseman!


lil_hammerhead said...

This sentence was appropriate. Hopefully it is just a start. It would be horribly unbalanced if a guy who stole copper wire gets two years, and a guy who robbed a tourist at Banzai only gets eight days or a beaten mother only gets 5.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

It would also be horribly inbalanced if the non-Chamorro guys are put away but a Chamorro offender, such as the son of the police officer who was caught red-handed months ago at La Fiesta, is not. An unfortunate race-based comment but a fact of our local judicial system that is real.