Monday, July 28, 2008



If you don't do it my way I'll take my ball and go home...

Does this sound like a third grade school yard antic? A bunch of crybabies? Spoiled brats? Well this isn't a schoolyard is our greedy self-centered lawmakers.

Here is what I mean.....

The Senate has passed a bill localizing the federally mandated election for a congressional delegate, but with an amendment that would preclude any initiatives from making it to the ballot this year. However, the Senate amended the provision to designate the biennial election as a “special election.” If the bill, as amended by the Senate, becomes a law, all pending initiatives-popular or legislative-will have to wait until the November 2009 gubernatorial election to be placed on the ballot for ratification. Sen. Paul A. Manglona, who introduced the amendment, said that the Senate won't allow any initiatives on the ballot unless the House acts on the legislative initiatives originating from the Senate.

As everyone knows Tina Sablan and a dedicaed group of concerned voters have worked very hard to place the OGA on this years ballot in November. However a crybaby Senator refuses to let it be placed on the ballot for greedy reasons. Is it so he won't have to show their expenses and use of their funds? No! Was it to let the next group be examined thus avoiding public scrutiny? No!

I was because of somehing like his..If you don't pass my bills I'll punish the voters by not allowing the OGA to be on this years ballot. I'll show you!

How childish. I used to think they just don't get it but now I'm learning is they do get it, they just don't care!!!

A sad way to operae a government....

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It seems there is not any reasons or explanations coming from the governor about all the things going downhill. Where is he? Why don't he come forward and let the people know what he will be doing about all our problems, and there are many.
Governor tell us your plan to fix CUC. Do you even have a plan? Explain what you are gonna do next and tell us when to expect reliable power.
Next tell us what you are going to do with the CPA, it seems everything you take upon yourself to save or rescue ends up totally useless and incapable of functioning. Whats with that?
Then there is CHC, PSS, NMC, and practically all the departments under your administration are scratching to exist. How will you fix these problems?
Well do you know what you are? You are a snake in the grass a total failure as a governor and a 'leader', and 'leader' is not a word to describe you. Why don't you show your face and come forward with the answers the people who you are working for, so desperately need. Come out and act like a governor don't let the pansies Reyes and Muna take the fall for you. If you had any balls at all you would stop hiding and get something done.
Don't even consider running for re-election, you will be scorned and laughed off the stage, never mind even trying that.
Some say you should be impeached, others want a recall, still others say you should simply step down. Well I say you should be lynched, not in body but in mind, you should be forever out of our minds as total embarrassing failure. The reasons none of this happens is the people in place behind you are just as incapable of being a 'leader' as you are. What a sorry mess you have.
Go crawl under your rock and the people will overcome the terrible mess you have made and you will be out of their minds forever..... Erased from History...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It seem to me that some people have simply lost all focus of how things should work.
Read some of this brilliant deduction. Story Here....
Written by DelRosario Jr.
Recently Stayman explained his plans for a new power generation for Saipan that died when he left OIA. It's the usual bureaucratic excuse. Shouldn't this issue come first in terms of priority over federalization of labor and immigration? Eh, who's confused over priority, sir?
Confused, who's confused?
What the hell does Allan Stayman have to do with this administration's complete failure to operate the power plant? Did Stayman have anything to do with sole sourced contracts that all failed? Did Stayman run the generators into the ground because of no maintenance?
It's disgusting listening to diatribes coming from Stayman and Cohen riddled with confused priorities the blame being shifted to local leadership.
So you're saying Stayman and Cohen should run he local government? You seen to be blaming them for the failed government we have today. If the local government is not to blame who is? Aren't you an advisor to the governor? Then isn't it partly your fault too?
Well, if your plans didn't pan out, isn't it your responsibility to see that you follow through so that we need not go through the cascading effects of the power crisis today?
John S. DelRosario Jr.
As Gonno, Saipan
DelRosario, It's times like this where it is best to just shut up, you know, let things slide and don't make waves. Your comments appear to make us believe that you think we are a bunch of ninnies, slow uneducated people, that you can blurt out any bit of crap and we'll believe it just because you said it. Well we aren't stupid and don't believe anything you say, rather we getting really tired of all the bullshit! This administration is going to hell in a hand basket, slithering out like a snake in the grass, in total embarrassment and shame, so why bother?
Maybe you and Charles can have a contest for all to see, "Who can say the dumbest thing," before you all are outta here!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I will write this as a story in layman's terms and with approximate facts. The facts will come later with whatever is published in the local papers. Bear with me on this one..
I heard on the news tonight that Mr. Pete A. and attorney Ralph Torres were in D.C. today spreading the good news about our terrible case of dumb ass management at CUC. They told the tales of rolling blackouts, sole source contracts, contracts without penalty clauses, and millions of ratepayers dollars being wasted. The begged for help, money to bail out our failed administration and their stupid managers. They cried the blues and said please help our poor people of the Commonwealth. And the people in D.C. listened. They felt compassion for the poor islanders and offered their help.
Their first questions were.......
Do you have a plan? What is it? What is needed? and how much is needed for your plan? They also ask what happened to the money already given to help correct this problem.. They stated they though they had given enough money to already have the power plant repaired. Well I guess no one told them about the millions squandered and worthless contracts they have entered into. And the D.C. officials were baffled.
Sadly the island reps. couldn't answer any of these questions for there is no plan, there never was a plan, no one ever had a plan, no one knows what needs to be done. They were in the dark as this administration, the Better Times idiots, have no idea as what to do. All they know is how to beg! Maybe the governor, on one of his trips to sue them, failed to mention the ongoing mess a CUC.
Now we come to question time...
How ever are they
going to do anything, regardless of all the 'loans' they make, all the credit they beg for (Ha Ha Ha!), all the money given freely from D.C., or all the many rate hikes you and I are suffering through, if they don't have a friggin' plan!!!! How can this be???
Running a government with no budget, rebuilding a power plant with no plan. It is a very bad case of the dumb ass....
More to follow later if it is printed in the papers.
Good Day,


CUC asks Mobil for 60-day credit term: Story Here..
The Commonwealth Utilities Corp.
has asked its fuel supplier for an arrangement that will allow CUC to delay payment for fuel for 60 days. Muña argued that a 60-day credit term would benefit not only CUC, but also Mobil. “Both CUC and Mobil have something to gain by immediately implementing credit terms for fuel purchases, which will stabilize CUC working capital needs to address not only fuel purchases but non-fuel costs as well.
One reason Mobile hasn't responded is they still are looking to find just what the advantage would be to them to extend credit to CUC. It seems that CUC is running on a road of bridges. Every time there is a problem they scrape and scratch to cross that bridge only to run into another one every time they turn around. It appears that is what they are doing with asking Mobile for credit.
As of Friday, CUC had yet to receive a response from Mobil about the proposal.
Another reason they haven't responded is..... They can't stop laughing! Imagine asking for credit with CUC's credit rating, which is a big fat ZERO!
As a fellow blogger recently put it, it is like a druggie looking for his next fix. Everything will be A-OK if he can just get the next fix. Then it is start all over again, getting the next fix, crossing the next bridge. A never ending downward spiral.
Wanna bet on the credit request? I'll say... Never happen, how about you?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


How is it Stanley TLC Torres wants it his way, he wants the Open Government Act to work for him while opposing the very same act for his branch of the government. It's a two way street, either there is an OGA or there isn't one, which way do you want it Stanley?
You run around like a loose cannon demanding people show you their records while you want to be taken off the signature list to pass an OGA law that will affect you and keep you honest.
So what do you have to hide, another ghost employee?
Here read this....
Associate Judge David A. Wiseman earlier ordered NMC to produce all public records requested by Torres, R-Saipan, and denied the college’s motion to dismiss the lawmaker’s complaint.
Smith said “the requests Torres made over the years have been improper and not for any desire for transparency in NMC’s operations.”
Torres wanted to see all NMC bank statements and cancelled checks for 2004-2006
pursuant to the CNMI Open Government Act.
On June 12, Torres sent a new Open Government Act request
for records of all public funds expended on NMC administrative employees shown on payroll checks as well as a copy of Fernandez’ employment contract with all attachments.
Well for a fellow who likes to swing his weight and the OGA around, it sure seems funny why you don't want your records and checks scrutinized. So whats with that?
Stanley you are an idiot, everyone knows that. So can you explain your double standard pertaining t0 this OGA and why you won't support it.
We're waiting!


Help put the Open Government Act on the ballot. You can do so by signing up today. Put your pen to paper...
If you haven't signed the petition to apply the Open Government Act to the Legislature yet, this is to remind you that petitions will be available at the Sabalu Market at Civic Center today, Saturday, July 19 from 7am to noon.
If you are unable
to drop by the Sabalu Market and would like to arrange another time and place to sign, please contact Tina Sablan at 285-3935 or .
Help keep this corrupt government honest, Sign up now....


Lawmakers OK $3.4M for CUC
The bill, introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives for the first time yesterday, sailed through the Lower House by a 12-6 vote. The Story Here....
The bill was immediately sent to the Senate, which passed the bill with five votes and one abstention. Crisostimo, the non voter was sitting on the fence as usual. Why send him to D.C.?
House members voting for the bill: Arnold Palacios, Joe Guerrero, Edwin Alden, David Apaang, Oscar Babauta, Diego Benavente, Victor Hocog, Juso Quitugua, Ray Palacios, Joe Reyes, Ray Tebuteb, and Stanley TLC Torres,
House members against the bill:
Heinz Hofschneider, Edward Salas, Tina Sablan, Rosemond Santos, Joseph James Camacho, and Francisco Dela Cruz.
Reps. Ralph Torres and Ray Yumul were absent.
Now you will know who to thank for the next gouge in your power bill but wait until the next election to express your many thanks...

Friday, July 18, 2008


There are times when blame is cast, fingers are pointed and fault is found in everything other then the real reasons. Here is a sample of some of the most idiotic reasoning from the Fitial administration I have ever seen. It is an insult to all the citizens to be fed this much bullshit at one time. Do they really believe we can't see through this crap without questioning just what the hell are they thinking?
Administration Blames Feds for NMI Economic Woes
PRESS Secretary Charles P. Reyes
yesterday said: "it is the federal government that is compounding the CNMI’s economic problems."
This kind of statement from this government just really pisses me off! Charles, you have just received $16,000,000.00, that's sixteen million dollars, completely free of any strings, to pass out as an economic stimulus package and is this how you say thanks? I'll bet not a single 'thank you' was ever sent by this sorry assed government to the U.S. for the free funds. Was here Charles?
“It is very difficult to plan for a successful economic recovery when events are overtaking our planning process as we struggle to survive and maintain a viable economy,” Reyes said, in response to statements made by former Finance Secretary Antonio R. Cabrera.
You simple minded jerks never had a plan, no, never did, never will. How can you believe we are gonna take your word that you had fantastic plans and all of them went to hell because the Feds came to takeover L&I. What happened to all the plans you had before Federal L&I laws which haven't even gone into effect yet, the ones you promised will make better times, what happened to them? you know, Charles that was all bullshit too, wasn't it?! There were never any plans so just shut up.
Cabrera said the administration has no concrete economic plan.
But according to Reyes, the economy started to recover but the federal government approved a minimum wage hike and extended federal immigration law to the islands.
Wow! did I miss that surge of economic growth? You could have fooled me and I was here all the time. I completely missed it, how did that happen? Because there was never one that's why!
The governor, he added, developed a five-year tourism plan and engaged in extensive deliberations with the local strategic economic development council to plan for economic recovery.
How is that plan working out tourists yet? Was the pull-out of the remaining airlines part of the plan, or was that caused by the Federalization of L&I, which I may remind you, hasn't happened yet either.
To make a long story shorter, read all of it here...
Reyes said if the CNMI economy does not recover in the short term, it will not be because of the Fitial administration’s failure to plan for economic recovery.
“It will be because of unsound federal policies imposed without objective studies or careful economic considerations, for political reasons,” he said.
Well Charlie dear you have everything set up to cast blame at everything and everyone but the real culprits, the sorriest governor ever and his squad of goons. Now you can cast blame all around you, but the thing that gets to me the most is, do you actually think we are so dumb as to believe you and all your shit?
There is a time and there is a place to say stupid stupid stuff, but here is neither the time nor the place. Stop taking the public for dummies and stop thinking you are so smart that we'll believe you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Good morning everyone,
Two community announcements:
1. Petitions
for the initiative to apply the Open Government Act to the Legislature will be available at the following times and locations:
Tuesday Market at the Fishing Base across from Kristo Rai. July 15, 4pm-8pm
Garapan Street Market in Garapan district. July 17, 6pm to 9pm
Sabalu Market at Civic Center. July 19, 7am to 12pm
Kagman Market, every evening this week from 4pm to 5pm
Please help spread the word and encourage registered voters you know to stop by any one of these markets to add their names to the initiative. We need just 512 more signatures by Monday, July 21 to get the initiative on the ballot this year!
For more information, or to make other arrangements to sign the petition, pls call Tina Sablan, at 285-3935 or email .
2. Also, there will be a community forum on CUC this Thursday, July 19 at Chacha Oceanview Jr. High School in Kagman starting at 6pm. Ed Propst's letter on the forum is included below. Please contact Ed for more information at 483-7361, and encourage every concerned ratepayer you know to join in this effort to address our critical utility issues.
Thanks very much,
Tina Sablan

There you have it, there will be no excuses accepted!


In the news... U.S. Officials here to implement new Labor and Immigration laws:
Tonight listening to officials from Homeland Security and various other departments, what I gathered they were saying, as I've been saying all along, is this.
The following are my own thoughts only and not a representation of any U.S. Government agency, just the thoughts of a ordinary citizen having been a U.S. resident all my life.
They want to meet and sit down with local officials and draft the new rules and regulations (R&R's) to meet the needs of the CNMI. The job of Homeland Security is to protect the citizens of the United States, that is their number one job, they are here to do just that. They didn't write a list of R&R's that they are going to force upon you and enforce them no matter what, as the governor seems to think. Rather they are here to mold the necessary R&R's to make things work here.
I will bet that there will ....
1 - Always be enough labor, whether it be guest workers or trained locals getting a fair wage, that the economy will never falter because of these new rules.
2 - More and more locals will be trained to replace guest workers, over a period of time.
3 - The U.S. government is not here to throw you under the bus, but rather to pull you out of the one you are already under.
4- They will not ruin your economy, you did that all by yourselves already, but rather rescue you from this mess and guarantee your security..
5- You will have a say, if you do indeed sit down with them, to voice every concern you may have on your mind, and it will be addressed. You may not have your own way with everything you ask for, as you have made many bad decisions before, this will NOT be your own cakewalk.
6 - Everyone that has a reason to be affected by these R&R's will have a voice, from the governor to the guest worker, and to everyone in between.
7 - You will be better off than you were before, now or ever.
The governor needs to get involved in this process and help make it work or else he needs to get the hell out of the way with his 'it'll ruin the economy' stance and let sharper and clearer minds take charge.
Now if after a year of implementing of these new R&R's, there are some studies made of the success or failures of these new R&R's, it would be at that time, if there is a problem, the U.S. will again sit down and help make amendments. If this does not happen it would then be AT THAT TIME a reason to take the Federal Government to court and sue for a changes, that is how that works. To sue now before you know what the outcome of the rules and regulations, yet to be drafted, will be ludicrous and rather stupid.
Give it a chance to work!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Excerpts from the 'Opinion" in the Saipan Tribune by Anthony Pellegrino.....
Story Here..........
I have in my possession information from a reputable mainland bank that is willing to finance the purchase of a 15-megawatt Caterpillar plant for $10 million. The CNMI will own it. This is not a lease like the Aggreko deal! This bank will finance $8.5 million of it at $80,000 per month. The interest rate is a fixed 5 percent per year. That is a savings of over $424,000 per month over the Aggreko deal! The Aggreko deal has no warranty. The Caterpillar has a full warranty. The Aggreko lease starts to charge the CNMI the minute the unit leaves their facility, not when it starts making electricity (like most leases). And the best part is that the CNMI can use CIP funds for the $1.5 million down payment on the Caterpillar unit-because the CNMI will OWN IT! Not lease it.
Here is a direct quote from the information I possess: “We [the bank] can do a 48.2 MW new power plant for approximately $35,000,000. Add the Caterpillar 15MW, and you have a 63.2 MW new plant. So we can do the 15 MW Caterpillar loan now, so the plant is up to speed, and start to work on the complete replacement plant, which can be ready in about 6 months.” There is more to this offer. A 5-megawatt waste-to-energy plant can be included which will burn all our trash, converting it into energy with no harmful emissions and uses no fuel! It is EPA-approved. With this we can eliminate the need for landfills on the three islands. It will even burn existing waste already in the landfill. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, the bank people will be here on island next week to present this offer to the government. Watch for more details.
But the greatest part of all this is that the loan from this bank will be guaranteed by the U.S. government. This bank has been thoroughly checked out and is totally legitimate. Please ask our government what is happening to this deal. It was offered back in January but refused. Now there seems to be a change of heart. To learn more about this, contact some of the legislators to whom I have passed this information. As has been repeatedly stated by others and me, there is genuine help waiting to solve our problems if only we show willingness and reach out for help to the right people. Please watch what happens to the offer. I know I will. **********************************************************
I don't know about you but everywhere I look at this it sounds better then the deal with Aggreko.
The only problem here, as I can see it, is it is a legitimate business deal. This is probably a hard deal to take under the table payments from, therefore not attractive to this corrupt government.
If the government doesn't take a long hard look at this they should pay Aggreko themselves.
Click on the Story Here and read some of the humor that goes along with the story. It'll relieve a small bit of tension from everyday stress.
To the Legislature and CUC... Give this a good look or be responsible for more stupid decisions...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Dear people of the Commonwealth,
On Thursday
, July 10, 2008,
I received notice from the Attorney General's Office that the petition to apply the Open Government Act to the Legislature requires 512 additional valid signatures by July 21 in order for the initiative to be placed on the ballot for the November 2008 election.
What is the Open Government Act, and why is it important? The Open Government Act (Public Law 8-41) is the law that recognizes the right of the people to know what their public officials are doing on their behalf. This means that public notice with agendas must be issued for official meetings of the government at which action is taken. It also means that all public records are open to inspection by any concerned citizen who wishes to inspect such records or obtain copies.
The Open Government Act applies to all agencies, departments, boards, and instrumentalities of the government. The Act used to apply to the Legislature too, but in the early 1990s the Legislature decided to exempt themselves from the law. The Legislature continues to be exempt from the Open Government Act to this day, and as a result meetings and sessions can be called or cancelled at a moment's notice, agendas are routinely changed if they are ever even provided, bills are regularly introduced and passed on the same day without the slightest opportunity for public review, and legislators can ignore or deny citizens' requests for information without justification. Previous attempts to reapply the Open Government Act to the Legislature through the legislative process have ended in failure: legislation has been attacked, delayed, ignored, watered down, or otherwise subverted.
While the application of the Open Government Act to the Legislature may not seem like such a pressing issue to some at this time, especially in light of the severe fiscal, economic, infrastructural, and social crises we face, I strongly believe that it is precisely because of our deepening hardships that measures to stabilize the legislative process and make it more open to the public have become more crucial than ever. People need and deserve to know what their legislators are doing to tackle the many difficult issues of the day, and they have a right to be more involved in the political process.
I am convinced that it is up to the people of this Commonwealth to rise up and demand the transparency and accountability they deserve from their elected officials, and to take direct action to apply the Open Government Act to the Legislature through the popular initiative process.
512 signatures by July 21 -- can we do it? Yes, we can. And if an open and accountable Legislature is important enough to the people to get on the ballot by November 2008, we will.
To help gather signatures for the Open Government Act initiative, please contact me at 285-3935 or by email at .
Tina Sablan

I received this in an E-Mail from Tina Sablan. If you haven't signed this Open Government Act yet please do so now. It is a badly needed instrument to keep the government open and honest, if that's possible. To sign up contact Tina ..Above..

Friday, July 11, 2008



Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well it's about time....
Diego Benavente introduces a initiative in the House to penalize the governor and lawmakers for not passing an annual budget on it's given schedule. Why did this take so long for lawmakers to realize that without an annual budget the economy runs amok. This has been a problem for four out of the last ten years and a huge factor for the awful state our financial condition is in today.
I believe the house passed it unanimously. Maybe we'll find out in tomorrows news...
This should move to the Senate soon and anyone throwing a monkey wrench into this bill should be tarred and feathered. The governor will then be the final signature for this bill to become law, could there be a hitch there, I surely hope not.
Along with a balanced budget must come a few other mandatory conditions:
A limit on government employees to fit the budget, no political hires to overrun the salary caps and personnel limits...
The hiring of qualified, trained and experienced personnel to be heads of critical departments, such as CUC, CHC, DPS, PSS, MNC, to name a few...
An open and honest reporting of all financial dealings, contracts, leases and all purchasing for the public to review...
No nepotism, at all!
This would be a good start at the beginning of each fiscal year, and a constant for the duration of the year also....
Good work Diego...Keep it up!
P.S. Read the whole story here....
I am correcting a few errors on the origional post...
This will not go to the governor, it will go to the ballot if passed by 2/3 of the Senate...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Do you know where each member of the legislature stands on the lawsuit the governor is wanting to file against the U.S. Federal Government?
Are they against Fitial,... with Fitial... or simply dazed and confused (D&C).
... Are you against Fitial's lawsuit?
If they want to be a leader and help establish a better relationship with the Federal Government, the country we are apart of, and disagree with Fitial, the answer is.... (Against him)
Followers... Are you with Fitial's lawsuit?
If they are a sheep and want to follow Fitial in his retarded lawsuit against the Feds. and agree with him, the answer would be (With him)
Dazed and Confused... Don't know shit...
If they are straddling the fence and can't fathom what the hell is going on or can't make up their little minds then the answer is D/C, Dazed and confused...
So you tell me if you have heard any lawmakers that have decided which path they will follow. I have heard a few so I will enter them first. As you let me know what you know I will add it to the list....
A. Placious....................
J. Deleon Guerrero.... WITH
J. Camacho.................
E. Alden......................
D. Apatang.................
O. Babauta................. WITH
D. Benavente............. AGAINST
F. Dela Cruz............... WITH
V. Hocog..................... WITH
H. Hofschneider........ AGAINST
R. Placoius................. WITH
J. Quitugua................
J. Reyes..................... AGAINST
T. Sablan................... AGAINST
E. Salas......................
R. Sontos...................
R. Tebuteb...............
S. TLC. Torres......... WITH
R. Torres..................
R. Yumel..................
P. Reyes...................
F. Mendolia.............
J. Mendolia.............
J. Hofschneider.......
M. Pangelinan.........
L. Crisostimo........... WITH
P. Hocog...................
P. Manglonia..............
H. San Nicolas........
Typing all these names only tells me one thing...
There are way to many of 'um, we don't need so many people to do the work they are producing... Agreed? Type your answers in comments and I will foward them to the front page...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have been reading in the Marianas Variety, in the 'comments' section of readers writing about how many people are dissatisfied with the present elected group of 'leaders'. There seems to be a overwhelming growing bitter resentment with most all the folks on Capital Hill, and quiet rightly so. Everyone states how they won't vote for these incapable people to manage the government. This is an excellent place to start fixing the problems, either caused by, or neglected by the current administration and current legislature. This is no surprise to me that people are pissed off with what we got up there on Capital Hill. However there is one glitch to voting for new blood on the Hill, and it is the following....
When I went to vote in the last election I was determined to not vote for the old tired 'good old boys club'. I was going to place my vote for new and different people and try to make changes in the group on the Hill. But here lies the problem.. I couldn't vote any of the tired blood out of office and install new faces because....
We cannot change the worn out faces if new ones aren't on the ballot. There has to be a process from the ground up, starting with who is on the ballot if there are going to be any changes made in who governs the CNMI. Should you go to the polls in the next election and all the names were the same-o same-o how can anything be made anew?
Do you want to see Babauta, Fitial and Tenorio as your only choices for governor next election? How would we voters change a damn thing? You see the ballot is the place to start. Now I'm not in a position to recommend how to do this but if something isn't done at the ground floor, it'll be deja vu all over again and the economic hole will continue to deepen...
Another note....
I think the Marianas Variety has done a wonderful job with placing the 'comments' section in the on-line newspaper. This is steadily growing and will serve as an excellent out for the presently frustrated citizens to vent their disappointment. You will see this continue to grow and the folks on Capital Hill should be reading this and worrying their asses off cause the abused, neglected and repressed people are getting a voice through this venue and it will rise into a loud noise that they cannot no longer ignore....
Congratulations and thanks to the Marianas Variety for offering this very open and public venue for the common people to be heard....
Join in and vent your concerns, if nothing else you will know you stated your piece...

Monday, July 7, 2008


Wait a minute before you go to the store for watermelon, read on. There are traces of a chemical in the rind and the watermelon itself that produce the the chemicals in Viagra, so you are one step away from the actual effect. So sorry guys don't bother eating the whole thing, it'll only make you piss, often. Sorry about the false alarm, you can stop eating that melon now!
The Story Here...
Scientists: Watermelon yields Viagra-like effects
LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) - A slice of cool, fresh watermelon is a juicy way to top off a Fourth of July cookout and one that researchers say has effects similar to Viagra - but don't necessarily expect it to keep the fireworks all night long.
Watermelons contain an ingredient called citrulline that can trigger production of a compound that helps relax the body's blood vessels, similar to what happens when a man takes Viagra, said scientists in Texas, one of the nation's top producers of the seedless variety.
Found in the flesh and rind of watermelons, citrulline reacts with the body's enzymes when consumed in large quantities and is changed into arginine, an amino acid that benefits the heart and the circulatory and immune systems.
"Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it," said Bhimu Patil, a researcher and director of Texas A&M's Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center. "Watermelon may not be as organ-specific as Viagra, but it's a great way to relax blood vessels without any drug side effects."
Now put the watermelon down please and let me have some..... PLEASE!


Darn, how do they get pot in jail when there isn't any out here? Just kidding of course.
Here is a short segment of the story.... Story Here....
Man admits smoking marijuana in jail
NO action will
be taken at this time against a detainee who admitted to smoking marijuana inside the restroom of the Department of Corrections in May, according to the recommendation of U.S. Probation Office. U.S. Probation Officer Melinda N. Brunson stated that the report she submitted to the U.S. District Court for the NMI regarding 24-year-old Dominic D. Chipwelong is recommended “for informational purposes only and no action be taken at this time.”
Now that's a kick isn't it? Hit the restroom in the DOC and take a few tokes, seems no one will care. It just doesn't seem fair to get away with it in jail and take a chance of getting busted on the outside.
Oh well, Life goes on....

Friday, July 4, 2008


Give this a look, you can even tell your own story if you wish..

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Washington wannabes.
Here is part of the story....
Those who have expressed their interest in running for delegate are Resident Rep. Pete A. Tenorio of the Republican Party, retired judge Juan T. Lizama, Commonwealth Election Commission executive director Gregorio Sablan, television talk show host John O. Gonzales, and businessman Patrick M. Calvo.
Sen. Luis Crisostimo has sought the endorsement of the Democratic Party. A primary is possible.
Story Here....
There has been
a few people entering and dropping out of this race for D.C. Delegate. None faster in and out then Patrick Calvo. (Is he in or out???) But the one that I predict won't make it to the starting block is Luis Crisostimo. He talks like he will run, but I'll bet when the gun sounds and the race is on he will be left on the starting line. Yup, won't go, won't run, is afraid of losing. I'll predict how it will go down.... He will give into David Cing and never even quit his Senate post to run, Yup again, it's all a blast of hot air. Sounded good in the papers and on lip service time but the wimp won't go, wait and see!
RUN LUIS, RUN! Don't be afraid and chicken out!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well I can, and I'll bet you can too. Here is the latest load of crap to be dumped on us by the Department of Finance... Story Here...
Inos: No second check for stimulus recipients
FIRST, the good news: U.S. stimulus checks don’t “bounce.”
These are not U.S. checks, these came from our own DOF.
NEXT: Variety was told that a supermarket that received $6,000 in U.S. stimulus checks from different taxpayers could not cash them in a bank due to “insufficient funds.” But Finance Secretary Eloy Inos said that’s “impossible” because more than a third of the funds provided by the U.S. Department of Treasury are still in the bank.
So the next question would seem to be is... Why is all that money still there? This was given by the U.S for the working class people to spend, therefore stimulating the local economy, thus the name 'Stimulus Rebates'. How will this economy be helped with these idiot sitting on over 1/3 of the funds?
“No way they bounced,” said Inos. He said the checks may not have been cleared due to other reasons but not because of “insufficient funds.” “There is what we call unusual endorsement like if a signature is missing. Sometimes the machine missed it (on the check) or the dates and the written amount and the figure are not the same,” he told Variety in an interview yesterday. “Or maybe the checks are (physically damaged). There are many other factors.”
Now lets see, $6,000 dollars at $300 each must be about twenty checks. So he is saying they messed up twenty checks that all went to the same store because of printing errors? Here is a point you should call 'bullshit' because I don't believe it and I'll bet you don't either.
The U.S. Department of Treasury turned over $16.1 million to the CNMI Department of Finance under the $152 billion federal Economic Stimulus Package Act of 2008. Of this figure, Inos said $6 million is still in the Bank of Guam and the U.S. Treasury will provide more funds if what was given to the CNMI is not enough. Most of the CNMI recipients got $300.
Why wouldn't they want to dump all that money into the local economy and ask for more, can't they even pass out free money right?
According to Inos, $300 is the minimum federal stimulus rebate and since most taxpayers in the CNMI private sector are minimum wage earners who are paid lower than their counterparts in the U.S., most of them got the minimum rebate amount.
So explain the amount the higher paid, government workers got paid, where is his explanation for that?
“If their tax liability is lower than $300, then they get $300. The minimum rebate is $300,” said Inos.
Now there's a line that isn't even bullshit, it's plain ignorant, I can't even fathom what it means. Do you understand this calculation?
“We have no intention of shortchanging anybody — we don’t discriminate. It’s about the tax system,” he said. “In a way this is a good exercise for us. These problems have never come up before. We’re just following the requirements of the (U.S. Internal Revenue System) so that next time around, we can implement this easily and smoothly,” he added.
Man oh man, it's been so long since they paid a tax rebate they forgot how. What does he mean by the "next time around"? He couldn't even give out all he got this time and he's getting ready for the next round? Watch for government sticky fingers!
Stupidity reigns at DOF!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It makes ones heart feel good to see people kicking in and offering their help and services to others in time of need. Story Here...
NMI: 20 Hotshots leave to battle Calif. wildfires....
The CNMI's 20 Hotshot crews will be deployed today, Tuesday, to California to help fight the hundreds of wildfires that are blackening large tracts of the state. Department of Public Safety commissioner Claudio K. Norita told the media yesterday that they received the activation call on Friday for the CNMI Hotshot team to head for California. “It's a program that we've been running in the CNMI since 1998,” Norita said. He said the 20 Hotshots from the CNMI will team up with their counterparts from Guam, American Samoa, and Hawaii.
There so many disasters happening nowadays that they are even hard to keep up with. In the post just proceeding this one it points out the help received from the different U.S. agencies and it is really good to see a helping hand offered in return. Kudos to all the men heading to the mainland and California.


Saipan can handle emergencies.....
SAIPAN’S readiness to handle emergency situations is better than expected, according to Press Secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr. in an interview on Friday. Story Here...
“This could be because we have the advantage of having many resources available, like assistance from Homeland Security, other federal agencies and from the U.S. military,” Reyes said.
Damn, with all that help any dodo could do a good job, there isn't any better! Yes, Charlie you can do a whoop-up job at most anything with those assets. It's a wonder you and your boss recognized this fact. Oop's, I forgot the boss ain't here, he's off to Washington to thank them for their help in times of need. Then he'll sue their ass for trying to help even more. So confusing you guys??????