Saturday, September 8, 2007

558- "558" THE STORY


Someone was asking me what I would do for post #558, that being the number in my blog title.
He ask why I had picked that number. So I told him I would tell the story behind the number, so here it is.
"558" - THE STORY
Once upon a time there was a lad
Who really loved to speed
Then he found out with a doubt
The way to feed the need.

He bought a car, man it was fine
It really flew indeed.
Split second time right off the line
120 top end speed.

He cut the lights, slammed the gear
Held throttle to the floor.
No one was near, not once a fear
Cause he had slammed the door.

He took the trophy and the cash
The feeling it was great.
He wowed the crowd, sure felt proud
In car called "558."

The number 558 was assigned to my drag racing car in Hawaii by the NHRA officials. So #558 was my official racing entry and car number.
While building some golf courses in Hawaii I happened across a jet black ’69 Chevy Nova in full drag racing condition and ready to run. So I bought the car and raced it for three seasons until hurricane Nikki put an end to most things happening in Kauai at the time, so that was the end of the racing era. When I got the car the original builder agreed to maintain the wrenching and tuning of the car so it was a really good deal, see it came with a whole pit crew too, and they were all professionals, so all I really had to do was drive it. (And pay the bills.) In the course of the three seasons I accumulated 8 trophies and 1 championship, a rather unique accomplishment for a new guy. I ran two different classes, one was bracket racing wherein you run a dial in time or a handicap and the Jr. Pro Gas class, this is running a set time for the class. The E.T. for Jr. Pro Gas was 11.80 seconds for the quarter mile.
The first thing I can truly say about drag racing is it is the greatest adrenalin rush in the world, it is actually better then sex. The problem with racing though is it only lasts 11.8 seconds, but I’ve had sex for longer periods of time then that, surely! So maybe we can call it a draw.
The second thing about drag racing is the camaraderie, there wasn’t anything you could ask a competitor for that he wouldn’t help you with. The feeling was, I want to beat him heads up not win by default. So if someone needed a part or some help everyone pitched in. Now I could go on and on, telling this story for a long time but all I wanted to do at this point was explain why I used the number 558 when I needed a random number to complete my blog name. So there you have a small part of the history of the ‘558’.

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for filling us in, Glen.
What an interesting story.

I used to attend drag racing as a spectator, and once bought a nearly completed project car but sold it again before it was quite done. (A 69 Camero with a 454, high rise dual 850 Hollys).

In the early 80s I sponcered a stock car in Phoenix and got to drive that a few times. You are right about the close ties the racing community shares.

Outsiders tend to think of racers as rednecks or dummies, but as you know, they come from all walks of life, are usually quick witted and share a common interest in going fast.