Sunday, September 16, 2007


I don't know if I'm missing something here, but why now? Why, with only four months left in their terms are they only now forming a panel 'as required by the House Rules'? Read this......
Sunday, September 16, 2007: House Forms 7-Member Ethics Panel
Speaker Oscar M. Babauta has formed a seven-member panel to address ethics and conduct issues in the House of Representatives. He formed the committee because it was required by the House rules, he said. The current lawmakers have less than four months left in their two-year term. ( Story Here)
What is with this, Why is this happening only now? Maybe we don't know how to interpret the 'House Rules', could be our fault for not understanding how 'House' shit works. There's probably something we surely don't get. Could be something as simple as "We only need to make the 'House Rules' and follow them when we feel like it. It certainly must be my fault for wondering about this, I should not even question this seemly blatant behaviour.
WTF!! There needs to be an explanation for this procrastination and we all want to hear what the reason is! So come forward and explain this. You are now informed, do something!


G said...

side note: also seems a lot like the foxes watching the hen house to me (panel made up of 7 reps?!).

glend558 said...

Right g: 2 more and you would have 1/2 looking at the other 1/2.