Wednesday, September 26, 2007

612-1/2- JOHN FORCE

John Force the father of the beautiful Ashley Force, who I just featured in post # 605, had his car explode into pieces and a pile of mangled, twisted auto parts. The story..
Force to miss rest of NHRA season after serious accident.. Force Recovering After Surgery.
DALLAS: John force was able to stand and shuffle his feet Monday, pronouncing himself "lucky to have my legs" a day after a wreck at the O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals at Texas Motorplex hospitalized the drag-racing star. Force has a compound fracture of his left ankle, a lacerated right knee, a dislocated left wrist and abrasions on two fingers on his right hand. He had screws inserted into his ankle and temporary pins placed in his wrist, said David Densmore, a spokesman for John Force Racing. Force, a 14-time champion, wrecked Sunday while racing Funny Car rival Kenny Bernstein. A video of the accident shows Bernstein's car drifting toward Force's lane and striking a foam timing block, which shot into the back of Force's car. Force swerved across Bernstein's lane into the retaining wall. Bernstein then rammed into Force's car, breaking the chassis in two. Force's prognosis is "very good" after six hours of surgery Sunday following the most severe accident he's experienced in more than three decades of racing.
Just goes to show even with all the safty equipment a fellow can still get hurt. But on the other hand having a car explode, and be torn in two, at 300 MPH means the safty equipment must help a whole lot. Here is the Rest of the Story <--(view a video of the crash here too)
He'll be back, God speed John...


Bruce A. Bateman said...

John Force has been around a long time and the safety equipment has kept him alive so far. NHRA has got to be one of the safest high risk sports around.


Glen, I still haven't tried loading your blog on one of my Porky's computers. Only the ones here at home. Both of those exhibit the same symptoms. Could be something here. I'll try it at Porky's and will also unlimber my laptop from it's cocoon and try it wireless and see what happens at various venues. I'll report back.

glend558 said...

Bruce: welcome, missed the comments! Hope you get the ??? solved

glend558 said...

I just couldn't give this man # 613

Bruce A. Bateman said...

612 is insect repellant. Or it was when I was a boy...don't know if that brand still exists. EPA may have murdered them since the product worked.