Thursday, September 6, 2007


Also why I'm in a wheelchair with a broken arm...
A few weeks ago my wife was standing in front of the mirror after taking a shower and she started complaining to me that she thought her breasts were too small. She started wishing she could somehow get them to grow bigger without going through an expensive and somewhat risky procedure. I told her I had the perfect and secret solution to enlarge her breasts slowly and over a long period of time, thus not taking any unwarranted risks. Well she perked up immediately at the thought of having larger breasts without any complications and demanded that I tell her immediately what the secret to growing larger breasts was. So I told her the secret was to take a piece of toilet tissue and rub it gently between her breasts everyday at least three times. After diligently following my recommendation for a few weeks she started to doubt the wisdom of my method of breast enlargement. So the other morning she she confronted me with her doubts of the method I had offered and that she had faithfully followed for weeks. "How do you know this will work?" she demanded of me. So I replied "It sure worked on your ass didn't it?" It's tough typing this piece with a broken arm while sitting in a wheelchair, but the doctor says I'll be able to walk in a few months.

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