Friday, September 21, 2007


Please participate in a little poll requesting your sex and age. You will remain anonymous, so don't worry about honest answers. I'm doing this to see an average of readers so I can select the materials I use. Please make a comment (below) on the materials and subjects presently being used. Remember its a blog... Not a Sunday school lesson..
The poll is in the right hand column under my picture.
You are now excused, and may go to vote.
Thank You,

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Glen, I think you have some kind of glitch in your blog. Every time I log onto your site all the photos disappear...I'm thinking something you put on here a while back (maybe 3 weeks ago?) causes my vid card to nose dive. Is anyone else experiencing this? This happens on no one elses blog or any other site I ever go to.

No idea what to suggest except do a blog post and ask others if it is happening to them.