Thursday, September 13, 2007


Governor Fitial is asking the Washington Rep., Pete A. who was elected by the citizens of the CNMI by an overwhelming larger amount of votes then the governor himself, to change his direction on federalization, and follow the governors block headed ways. The governor says this...
Gov. Benigno R. Fitial asked Washington Rep. Pete A. Tenorio yesterday to quit “lobbying” in favor of legislation placing local immigration under federal control. ..THE WHOLE STORY HERE
Fitial issued the statement amid Tenorio's efforts to help U.S. congressional committees gather information and proceed with the federalization proposal.
“I ask you again: Pete, please stop lobbying in favor of this legislation,” Fitial wrote in a letter to the CNMI resident representative to the nation's capital.
“On behalf of the overwhelming majority of the U.S. citizens in the Commonwealth, I ask that you and your staff stop such efforts and join the rest of us in urging that the congressional committees defer action on these bills until the GAO completes its report on the CNMI economy,” he added.

Now I ask you, Governor, show me these facts. Where is your study or poll that tells us that this statement is correct? Due to the fact that I don't believe it I must call "Bullshit." Give us the number of the overwhelming U.S. citizens that support your block headed stance. As your press secretary said recently "don't misrepresent the truth."
I think you should refer to a poll by MIDDLE ROAD , check out those facts. ( click on MIDDLE ROAD to view the poll results) So governor as I said oft before "leave Pete A. alone," he can do the job he was elected to do without you since you don't seem to be interested in joining in the process and want to row upstream against it all! This will happen with you or without you, you are free to choose!
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