Sunday, October 14, 2007


Austin, Texas: The Hills of Lakeway golf project.
We were doing a golf construction job in Austin, Texas, during that tour we ran into several crazy situations, the following I consider to be one of the funniest.
Let me set the scene:
We had a four bedroom condo on the existing golf course in Lakeway a prime development North of Austin. Outside our back patio was the #3 green of the golf course. Four of us lived in the condo and it was a place of many parties, it became a standard practice if you got 'lucky' at one of the parties was to pin the lucky ladies panties on the flag on #3 green.
The characters involved: First is the Private Collection, This was a group of about 35 young businesswomen, all had to meet certain requirements to be in the exclusive club. That included a high level of annual salary, business positions, an expensive foreign or sports car, being single and of course very classy. We met this group of ladies and cut a pretty wide swath through them, none more than my friend Bob and a guy named Rich. Somehow Bob and Rich got on the wrong side of a few of them and they decided to seek a little pay back.
The party: We were having a party at the condo and of course there were quiet a few ladies of the private collection there, along with lots of other people. Well the PC girls brought a pinata to the party, stringing it up, breaking it open and the results were a lot of candy all over the condo during the party. The PC girls then proceeded to feed Bob and Rich all the candy they could eat during the course of the party, this went on all during the evening.
The next morning: I awoke to the sound of the utility vehicle with the greens keeper arriving to remove the panties off the flag on #3 green. As I watched him the phone rang, I answered it. The voice on the line was one of the PC girls asking for Bob, so I went and found Bob in the john, I told the girl on the phone "Bobs on the john right now and can't come to the phone." This was followed by a hilarious outburst of laughter, this girl just couldn't stop laughing. Now, mind you at this time I knew nothing about what had happened the night before with the 'candy.'
The Results: You see it seems the PC girls substituted exlax for the 'candy' and had fed Bob and Rich at least a dozen exlax each, and I'm telling you what, if you ever ate a dozen exlax you know what I'm talking about, if you never have, you don't want to know. Poor Bob and Rich couldn't even work for two days, couldn't eat for three days and had to stay within 10 feet of the toilet when they could finally could nurse something to eat down the tubes. I'm telling you now, these guys were completely flushed out, thoroughly drained. Although the 'victims' thought it was not funny at the time, all ended well and we all had a good laugh...

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