Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Offering suggestions, commenting on, raising concerns, bringing issues into focus and generally trying to be concerned about the problems facing these islands is just like beating a dead horse.
On one hand you can say all you want, complain, bitch, moan, call bullshit, ridicule and generally point out the ignorance, corruption and incompetence here in the CNMI and still everything stays in the same old rut and nothing changes.
On the other hand you offer suggestions on how to improve things, bring into focus things going wrong or that have already gone wrong, give opinions, offer to help solve problems, and even vote in elections and still nothing changes.
So why bother with this shit? Let the greedy get richer, the poor get poorer, let contract workers be diminished, keep the same politicians in office, stay bewildered and confused and fight off anything you are afraid will help someone else. Keep holding out that grubby paw for handouts and most important of all keep your damn heads in the sand. Argue and vote for or against things you don't have any insight on, be concerned only for your own personal greedy self, piss on everyone else, be racist and discriminate against everyone not like you, stay the standard of being corrupt, do whatever is needed to advance you and yours and let the rest go to hell. Let the way of the ladrones be your way of life, steal, cheat, deal dirty, lie and keep on keeping on the the ways of your 'culture.' Until you realize and accept the fact you are part of the world and not an isolated island just for your own greedy selves things will never improve here. It will take a whole new educated generation to accomplish any real changes.
That's all..


Pragmatic Plato said...

my god.

when put so bluntly it appears so in line with the reality of our situation.

thank you for this post. i have been fearing that i have gone even further off the deep end as of late.


bigsoxfan said...

Keep beating the horse, Glenn. It may talk one day. Ever hear the story of the groom in a medival kingdom who was condemned to death? At his sentencing, he told the king that he wanted one last chance and that if he could teach the king's favorite horse to talk, could his sentence be commuted. The King was intriqued by the idea and allowed that the groom would be allowed to try. Later, the groom was asked if he seriously thought he could teach a horse to talk. His response was; well, I don't know, but in the meantime I could die, the king could die, and just maybe the horse will speak.

There it is, sorry I haven't commented lately, my connection is kinda of screwy and keeps dropping out, before my comment goes out. Oh well. I've enjoyed the flashback series immensly, and I'm just glad, my life has been tame in comparison. Takes a pair of brass ones, to even admit going to a male dance revue. I'll respect that. Enjoy and keep flogging the horse.