Wednesday, October 10, 2007



This might give you the feeling of the wonderful job our government is doing. This is the result of shit-for-brains mentality. The stories..
'Rolling blackouts in 2 months'
Rolling blackouts will begin in two months if residential power rates are kept at the levels set by the Legislature, the Fitial administration said yesterday.
CUC prepares for outages:
The Commonwealth Utilities Corp. is now preparing to re-implement the power outage rotation in coming weeks in the wake of the Legislature's action to lower the residential power rates.....
No one had any friggin' idea this might happen. We were all so impressed with the savvy and wisdom of the elected idiots in congress we missed the whole picture. We thought it was so great to have some power rates reduced, that in our celebration we missed what the consequences may be. Well now it's the morning after the party and the hangover is now setting in, it's like waking up with that infamous #1 of song. Now I must admit these dire warnings are a little severe and the timing is somewhat advanced but the eventuality will still be the same. Are we really going to take the time to say, "We told you so?" Never mind! Idiots!!!


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Glen, you know that these guys know exactly what they are least as far as winning votes from the believing masses goes. The governor has been told to just hold on until after the election.....I'll bet that he and the speaker and the majority and minority leaders can still get together and sing uke songs w/o animosity from overrides.....what does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

True, very true.