Tuesday, September 18, 2007

586- AIR SPACE???

You gotta read this first.
One, it doesn't even make sense.
Two, Who would even do this?
Thought of by 'air-heads', lol.
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'Aliens Can Own Condo Units Above 1st Floor'
“When a person of Northern Marianas descent agrees to an Article XII condominium lease, she is, in effect, selling the air rights above her land. In a very real sense, the local landowner is severing what was once a unitary piece of property and selling rights to the air space that has no access without the proper easements. .
When I read this I thought I would crack, they're selling air space. What idiot would want to retire with a piece of Saipan 'air space'? Most people I know want a small plot of mother earth.
Lets see, does this come with a heli-port, an X as a target to parachute in on, or a UFO landing pad? Now I know idiots when I see them but, come on, this can even be recognized by idiots themselves. I'm sure at some point they will declare they were "misunderstood, and we didn't understand" what they meant. Are they desperate yet? Appears to be.
We better develop a landing pad for spaceships as these "aliens" come storming in here, in their UFO's, to grab a piece of this fantastic action. I can see it now, spaceships operated by 'aliens' starting to arrive on Saipan to buy retirement 'air spaces' that they can hover over forever and ever. These 'air spaces' should sell like ice blocks at the north pole, everyone needs one. What will they think of next? Burial lots in outer space? Surely we own the space in outer space above our space on earth too. Lets sell that too. I can see it now.. The ads, Forever in Limbo, Rest in Orbit or Eternal Peace at the Speed of Light. Gotta go grab a piece of 'air space' before they 'blow away', or maybe even get too 'high.'

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