Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The dumber you keep sounding, the more you piss them off, the sooner shit will happen, and all the time with less and less concern for the stupidity sprouting out of peoples mouths while holding their hands out for the next round of cash. Let me put it this way 'the more foolish you speak the more foolish you'll sound.' So why not shut-up? Why not go with the flow and be sensible and join in and help accomplish a bill that will work for everyone? Why keep fighting this?, it will only work against your own betterment. Lets hear part of the latest rhetoric here....
Covenant Party chair slams Cohen
Covenant Party chair Alvaro Santos says he is “deeply offended” by the political behavior of David Cohen, the deputy assistant secretary of the Interior. “I am deeply offended by David Cohen's remarks,” said Santos. “I resent David Cohen's unprecedented intrusion into our self-government and local politics. Santos characterized Cohen as “an unelected federal politician with dominion over our Commonwealth.”According to Santos, Cohen has morphed into a completely different person politically after the 2006 power shift in the U.S. Congress. “He is a hypocrite and political opportunist,” declared Santos. HIS WHOLE STORY HERE
David Cohen is only doing his job, slinging mud at him will have no effect but to make him less and less willing to give a shit about you anymore. Between these idiotic remarks and the even more idiotic remarks by the governor this boat is as good as sunk already. Give it up and help!
Wake up! Get a grip! Take you head outta sand! Or just take what is given, with no input of your own. They will do it with you or without you. You have the freedom of choice.


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Here here! The party where you have your cake and eat it to ended years ago. What's next, a write-up calling Tina Sablan overqualified and a liar....oh yeah, happened already.
Where do you get all of your photos, comics, etc.?

glend558 said...

Steele: Mostly from the net, Itype in what I'm looking for and hit search. This can be very time consuming to say the least. Save it to file so when I need something it's there. Easy.