Thursday, September 20, 2007


The governor is now losing all control of common sense. I resisted doing this piece for a day now but just can't let it go. I really wanted to stop picking on the poor simple minded, hapless governor but the fool just keeps giving me more fuel. This governor who only garnered 3809 votes in this last election is now telling the duly elected Washington Rep. Pete A., who was elected by an overwhelming 8369 votes, not only how to do his job, what to say, what not to say and what his opinion should be. The governor is now cutting the Washington Rep's funds to an nonoperational level. O.K. I hear your blubbering mess about 'all must take cuts' but at this very critical time when all attention is on Washington and federalization, it is completely irresponsible to choke the Washington office out of business. He is doing this while at the same time blubbering about "there is no representation in Washington" and is paying lobbyists and publicists outrageous amounts to do nothing that is worthwhile. This is simply unacceptable.
Part of the story here... WASHINGTON Rep. Pete A. Tenorio says the administration wants to cut his budget by almost one half because he disagrees with the governor’s position on the federalization of local immigration. From the $1.334 million spending level in FY 2007, the governor recommended that Tenorio’s office be given just $723,000 for FY 2008. Tenorio said the day before Gov. Benigno R. Fitial submitted his budget, he received a letter from the administration “demanding” that he stop doing his job... The Whole Story Here
Now this is bullshit! This stupid blundering greedy political shit gotta stop. When will anyone recognize what's going on? Where are our lawmakers and what will they do? There better be some reckoning on Capital hill with regards to this proposed personal political agenda shit of Fitial.
Here you go, check the election tally for yourself ...2005 Election Results ..Check Ben Fitial's vote count, then check Pete A.'s vote count. Who did you vote for to run the Washington office?, Ben or Pete? Well the person who was elected to run the office should do just that, the rest should keep their goddamn hands off! Well here I go again, getting off on the governor, I really do want to stop picking on the poor idiot but he just don't stop doing really dumb shit, I can't take it anymore. You heard the joke about the Senator, the Governor and the..... damn, stop it!


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Here's what needs to happen; no incumbents or re-treads who have served for two terms or more should be considered for votes. Only rookie incumbents and new faces such as Tina, Waki, Yumul, Fred DLG, etc. should get in if there will be any positive change at all.
Here's what I fear will happen; those who are living without power and have generally complained the loudest about Bitter Times, the ones who more than anyone should vote w/ their heads, will be promised a gov't job of salvation by a scum, blood-sucking, 5-term loser and the same-'ol'-same-'ol will get right back in to office and the same 'ol shit will keep hitting the fan.
Sure, a few good folks will get in but they'll be stone-walled by the old guard.
I really hope that I'm proven wrong.

glend558 said...

Just what I've been saying all along. You are now preaching to the choir. How long have you been reading my mail?
Right on Steele.