Sunday, September 23, 2007



It's one thing to be ignorant but a whole different thing to believe everyone else is too!

GOVERNOR Benigno R. Fitial blames some 70 employers accused of illegal sponsorship for delays of from several months to a year in the issuance of alien work permits, but Labor has yet to report how many of these erring employers have been sanctioned so far. Fitial, in an interview, said some of those who complained of delays are involved in illegal sponsorships, and that Labor’s investigation of alleged illegal sponsorships takes up time that should be spent on reviewing alien work permit renewals submitted by legitimate employers. The Whole Story
Is this not a cry for help, absolute proof the system here isn't working, does this make you feel that no changes are needed, don't you think Washington hears this crap? How much more must be done to prove that there needs to be some drastic changes made in this incompetent department.
One very simple question to you the public, the readers.... Do you believe that shit? Well if you do, 'god bless you', you are part of the problem too. If you don't believe that what are your thoughts as how to get rid of that preposterous bullshitting. Fitial has lost all creditability with his outlandish lies and bullshit. I don't know why he persists on continuing this type of rhetoric. Does he really think the public is really that stupid and can't see bullshit when slung in our faces? I really don't get him at all. But for all of you out there you have been informed and now understand why this place has so many problems. I can't wait to see Reyes explain how this, too, was misunderstood and inform us as to just what he really meant. Vote intelligently this November.

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