Monday, September 10, 2007


You will find me, like kids playing a game of tag and a kid calls out "your it" that I will call out "Bullshit" every time I hear it or when it appears in the news or anywhere in public. These definite moments of certain bullshitting sessions will not be immune from my detection at any time. There will be no free passes, bases or off limits when someone proceeds to emit piles of bullshit. Well the following article that I just read in the news is a classic case of bullshitting and can not go undetected and therefore susceptible to be called "Bullshit" READ IT ALL HERE
Here it is in part....Governor didn’t mean to call all protesting workers ‘illegals:’ PRESS Secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr. says Gov. Benigno R. Fitial’s description of protesting alien workers as “illegals” during the Aug. 15 U.S. House Subcommittee on Insular Affairs public hearing was “misunderstood.” Congressman Eni Faleomavaega asked Fitial how the CNMI government would address the concerns of the protesting alien workers outside the Guma Hustisia.“They are illegals,” Fitial replied. “We’re processing them and they will soon be deported. They deliberately destroyed their passports.” U.S. Interior Deputy Assistant Secretary David Cohen said he was disappointed with the governor’s statement. As for complaints that Fitial rolled down his car window and shouted “Go home” at some of the workers, Reyes said the governor never did any such thing. “It’s completely false,” said Reyes. “Why did they say that? Obviously, they support federalization. They are trying to discredit us. We respect their freedom of speech but don’t misrepresent the truth.”
Do you know bullshit when you hear it? Well take a lesson here. This is my lesson to you for today. What you have just read above and in the newspaper is "Bullshit" learn to identify this immoral crap. When something isn't even close to what you consider the truth, even streached truth, this is then classified as bullshit. You must learn to notice and identify it. What is written above, ask yourself. Do I believe this? If your answer is no, or even maybe not, then you have learned to identify bullshit. You have now been informed. Keep alert for many more cases of bullshitting as the elections get closer and closer. More and more people will start bullshitting over and over and the bullshit will get deeper and deeper. Be aware and remember your lesson you had today. You may now be excused.

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Anonymous said...

The governor said it, knows he said it and I suspect wishes he didn't say it. He thought if he ignored it that it would go away. It didn't. Then the "mouthpiece" finally speaks for governor Fitial with the B.S., as you so clearly stated. It was B.S. The gov. blew it and should have apologized the next (or same) day.