Sunday, September 23, 2007


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I'm sure they would turn off my power if I was in arrears and owed this much in overdue payments. What does it mean to the average Joe, you and I, it means we have to carry the load the government refuses to carry for it's self. Where are the people that are supposed to run this government, when will they see this shit doesn't work! This must stop!!!
Check this out, see for yourself.......
The government and autonomous agencies owe the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.'s a total of $1.4 million in utility billings for the month of July and August 2007.
Public School System incurred the most with $1,032,647.
The Department of Public Lands was the second top utility user among all government entities with $97,386.
The Northern Marianas College was third with $66,732.
The other billings include the:
Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, $29,265.
Commonwealth Ports Authority, $41,210.
Coastal Resources Management, $21,967.
Marianas Visitors Authority, $20,305.
Northern Marianas Housing Corp. $7,993.
NMI Retirement Fund, $42,386.
Office of the Public Auditor, $21,817.
Tinian Casino & Gaming Control Commission, $4,876.
Tinian Legislative Delegation, $49,425.
The billing records were released by CUC executive director Anthony C. Guerrero last week following Taotao Tano CNMI Association Inc.'s request.
Our hat is tipped for this group's diligence in keeping on the asses of CUC and the non-paying government.
This is just plain stupid how can anyone run a place like this and expect to be reelected?
Throw all the bums out!


Boni said...

It costs PSS over 4 million for utilities a year and we always pay our bill. That, and our retirement contributions. The central government no longer pays our CUC bills for us, so they are now up to date.

glend558 said...

Boni: More coffee, the third cup is needed.
No one is up to date on government power bills, not PSS or any of the above list, including the central government. (Exc. Leg. and Jud. branches.) Sorry.

Pragmatic Plato said...

May I please get a link to my blog added?

glend558 said...

I've beat you to it, already done, check it out.

lil_hammerhead said...

I'm blown away by the amount small offices like OPA have due - $22,000? And the retirement fund - $42,000+? What are they running, industrial freezers? If there not, there offices are just too big.

lil_hammerhead said...

they're - sorry 'bout that

glend558 said...

The retirement fund building is hugh, guess they need it to store all the money, like Fort Knox.

bradinthesand said...

btw glen, your blog works just fine on my office pc and home laptop...

...and whaddaya say about a beer next week sometime? i've got too much going on to even think about having a beer before the weekend and will have a full tilt until things calm down, say next monday or tuesday.