Tuesday, January 22, 2008


On the subject of wasteful travel... The Whole Story Here
Please, someone (Governor Fitial?) tell the public what has happened to the OPA audit of MPLA. Why have those people never been brought to justice for their outrageously flagrant abuse of taxpayers’ money for their personal travels? Does the government allow this wanton abuse to continue? If MPLA could get away with this, then it sends the message to others that it’s allowed behavior. If we are serious about saving money and helping the folks on Saipan, then put a complete stop to all travel. At least until the economy improves. It’s been said before in hundreds of letters to the papers: if the government is serious about making improvements, then let it start by cleaning its own house and stop wasting our money — money which is critically needed for improvements on power, water, education, attracting investors, and a host of other projects. Unfortunately, it indeed has all been said before. Is anyone on Capital Hill listening? Or care?
Puerto Rico, Saipan
Let me hear some comments on this subject. I would like to know the answer to this question, how about you? Does this silence and inaction mean the government don't care, condones this wastful spending, is incapable of handeling the matter, or just don't give a shit? What is the reason you can think of for there being no action taken about this case.

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