Thursday, January 31, 2008

935- WHY ASK

Legislators left holding the bag when it comes to the Bridge Investment Group. These guys are wondering what they are going to do...Well Duh. I guess you didn't leave them wondering about what YOU were doing..
Here is a part of the story.. Whole Story
Tinian Officials 'Clueless’ on Casino Investor’s Plan THE Tinian legislative delegation is still “clueless” about the plan of Bridge Investment Group LLC, which earlier announced its intention to open a new casino on the island. Covenant Sen. Henry H. San Nicolas, the delegation chairman, said officials and representatives of the company have yet to communicate with lawmakers.The company postponed its casino groundbreaking in December following the introduction of Saipan gaming bills. The measures were never passed. San Nicolas said that they are still banking on the “sincerity” of Bridge Investment.
Let's see here, you want to know what they are planning to do, and if they were 'sincere' as to what they will do...Well I guess the shoe is on the other foot now as you idiots ran around trying to force the senate to pass gaming bills completely out of context and threatened workers with their jobs so they would go beg the Senate to pass this railroaded bill through a backdoor to save their jobs. You are the 'insincere' people who are confusing the rest of the investrors who don't know what the hell you might deciede to do next. You are the loose cannons who are to blame for this hold-up. And now you have the audacity to ask them why they are on hold. Can you see this picture?
“We’re still waiting to hear from them in relation to their preparations, plans and changes, if there are any, in their decision to open a casino on Tinian. We’re still hoping that they will push through with this project,” San Nicolas said. Bridge Investment has leased 85,000 sq. meters of private land on Tinian for its casino facility. San Nicolas said the company will suffer “losses” if it will not push through with its planned investment. He hopes that the delay is just a result of permitting procedures.
Now isn't this an odd wish, to wish delays were 'only caused by the permitting process'. Now isn't this the stupidest thing ever uttered, it sure shows what these guys think about their investor, to wish they were held up by procedures. Idiots!
The delegation, he added, plans to have a conference with the company’s vice president, Philip Mendiola-Long.“We want to know what’s the real status of their plan so that if they’re facing some delays and difficulty in securing permits in agencies, the delegation and the municipality can offer help to expedite the process,” the senator said.
I don't suppose there was a time they (BIG) wanted to know just what the hell you were doing too, how about it, think that may be part of the reason you don't know now?
Dazed and confused....


lil_hammerhead said...

Right on Glen. F@ck around and f#ck around with stupid legislation, piss off and piss on a potentially big investment, and then scratch their heads and wonder what's goin' on.

Mark Vernaus said...

This scenario seems to happen often here. Do nothing about minimum wage - wait for the federal government to come in - get mad at the federal government. Do little about the labor and immigration situation - wait for the federal government to take over - get mad at the federal government. Do nothing that would encourage investment - wait for potential investors to run away - get mad at the investor.