Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here is a prime example of why it is urgent the federal government take over...
'Alien Workers Intentionally Not Picking Up Checks'
TaoTao Tano CNMI Association president Greg Cruz suspects that nonresident workers are intentionally not picking up their checks and plane tickets owed them at the Labor Department because they don't want to go home.
He did say 'suspects' right? That means he don't really know, He's guessing again and spouting off about something he knows nothing about!
More than 300 checks and repatriation tickets owed to nonresident workers remain uncollected at the Department of Labor. Cruz said that guest workers are not picking up the checks because “they are waiting for the impending federal takeover.”
So let me get this straight, He 'said' ( notice it's not 'suspects' anymore he has now shifted into knowing the facts) these workers are leaving the checks that they hard worked for, then fought for, went to court for are now just disregarding them? That doesn't make a bit of sense.
“Instead of going and picking up those checks and going home, they [nonresident workers] run to the Federal Ombudsman to file a different case, stating that they have not received their checks,” Cruz said.
I see, they just like fighting for their money so much they won't pick up what they have coming to them but would rather go to court again to fight for it again, like it's a fun game. What a friggin' theory!
Labor Administrative Division director Rose Ada-Hocog said that many companies have been making payments on back wages and monetary awards for complaining workers. “It’s just that employees are not coming by to pick them up or follow up.”
How about this.. Maybe these people aren't here anymore, did that ever cross your little minds. Could it be possible they don't even know that they have checks? What attempts were made to notify the recipients of these checks? My guess is there was no attempt at all.
Many of the checks, according to Ada-Hocog range in the thousands of dollars, “and they are just sitting here.”
Sounds like a hopeless case. "Oh we have them but they aren't coming to pick them up" what a feeble minded excuse is that?
Ada-Hocog said the uncollected checks and repatriation tickets date to as far back as 1993 up to the last year and that many of them are thought to be invalid as they are past their legitimate endorsement dates.
Well I'll suppose there are people still here since 1993, 15 years waiting on their checks, If you really believe that then thank god that the federal government is going to be taking over this simple minded operated department. It sure looks like help is desperately needed!
“They are payments that employers were ordered to pay their employees as settlement for unpaid wage claims and for whatever other types of damages that were awarded to the employees,” she said. Cruz asked: “So what if they [alien workers] are intentionally not picking up their checks? Is that going to be the CNMI's problem?”
Here is a clear cut, broad view of the narrow minded thinking and stupidity expressed in a feeble minded government department. Anything other than what is in place now will be a huge improvement over the status-quo.
What a terrible case of the dumb ass!


cnmi resident said...

Glen, you have hit the nail right on the head. Cruz doesn't make any sense at all. And Ada-Hocog seems to be a spokesman for TTT, not Labor. I wonder how workers are supposed to go to Labor and file complaints with people like her siding with racists like Cruz? Their reasoning is so lame. Can it be that their real motivation is they just can't stand to see alien workers who "don't know their place"?

glend558 said...

cnmi, just goes to show help is desperately needed.

lil_hammerhead said...

Rose Ada - "Hocog" is a nitwit. I couldn't believe she actually thought she could serve as a legislator (not that that's prevented other nitwits), but all you have to do is hold a two minute conversation with her before the "nitwit bell" rings.

Anonymous said...

maybe some of those persons awaiting for those checks are "matay" already...due to its long process... remember, when they released a list of illegal workers? some of them whom i've known personally died 3 or 5 years ago!!! and asking these dead people to report at DOLI! are they really ready to see dead people?

Anonymous said...


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