Wednesday, January 30, 2008


What are you waiting on?
Taotao Tano has new allies on Tinian THE Taotao Tano CNMI Association has found allies on Tinian that will also hold mass actions against federalization. Godfrey Mendiola of Tinian disclosed in telephone interview on Tuesday that he had been communicating with Taotao Tano president Greg Cruz as they plan to join forces in conducting more activities to oppose the impending federalization of the local immigration system. Mendiola said they have formed a group called ACHA, or Ancestral Chamorro Heritage Association, that will “spread awareness among local residents” about the adverse effect of federal control.
Mendiola said he is willing to give up his U.S. citizenship if that is “what it takes to fight for self-governance and island sovereignty.” He said they want CNMI to enjoy “full democracy” and have its own representation in the United Nations. “We are calling all locals to join our organization,” he said. The Story
This is a wonderful idea, you might connect to Stanley TLC* Torres for help in forwarding this grand undertaking. I wish I would have been the one to develop this brilliant scheme. Just think of all the problems you would solve not having that bullying Uncle Sam pushing you around and forcing you to take their money. You should tell them to go fuck themselves, and the sooner the better.
Here is a a sure fired way to tell them to go to hell, organize a US passport burning, you know like the women did with their bras to get equal rights, and the draft dodgers that burned their draft cards to protest the war, yup get all the locales together and start a bonfire throw all your passports in it, that will show those assholes you don't want them around your islands forcing their will upon you anymore! Just think of all the freedoms you would have once you got rid of them bastards. Yup kick those overbearing federals the hell out of here. The sooner the better.
I suggest you organize the bonfire for your next rally, that would surely send a clear message to those idiots way over there in Washington how you feel! Those simpletons who have no clue about the CNMI and it's local traditions and customs, what the hell do they know about you, anyway, they're 8000 miles away and have never even been here, hell they don't know, shit.
Burn them passports! Do it now! What are you waiting for go ahead get that fire started now!
*TLC- The Loose Cannon....
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lil_hammerhead said...

Honest to god Glen.. I think there is some kind of eerie connection. Of all of the stories in tomorrows Tribune and Variety.. we post about the same story. This isn't the first time. Hmmm?

Buzz said...

Well if the CNMI were to become an independent nation at least they wouldn't be the smallest! The Vatican would still smaller, and I'm guessing better run.

But they wouldn't be independent for long. Mandarin, the new official language, would probably be mandatory in schools within a few years!

glend558 said...

Buzz, The last country to become independent was East timor..Read about it here..