Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Senator: House railroaded passage of budget bill... Story Here
THE 15th
Senate adjourned on Tuesday without acting on the fiscal year 2008 budget bill passed by the House because the measure was “railroaded.”
Senate Floor Leader Felix T. Mendiola, chairman of the Senate Fiscal Affairs Committee, said the House bill also lacked “a lot of details and justifications.”
The House is up to it's old shenanigans again, trying to force something they know isn't sound fiscal judgment through the Senate, by submitting the budget two days before the Senate adjourns. This irresponsibility is a continuing method to cover their own greed and misappropriation of the '08 budget. This budget in it's existing form will not work, but they don't care, once again, since it is loaded in favor of huge increases of funding to the legislature and screw all the rest. Just watch and see what the final outcome of this budget will be once the clearer heads in the Senate adjust it to an operational form.
I sure hope the new 16th legislature will have the common sense to overcome the greed of the 15th legislature, even though there are many reelected to serve again. (Damn I said Serve? I hope it's the people this time and not just themselves.) Only time will tell.

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