Thursday, August 23, 2007


THE ONLY ONE WITH A LOGICAL WAY OF THINKING (And a mandate from the voters.)
Our elected Washington Representative is the only official that seems to get it. Why does everyone else seem so blind to the fact that the Federal government IS going to take over Labor and Immigration in the CNMI. Why not get on the band wagon and help. Why not have some input in the process? Why be out of the loop and simply take what is legislated by the U.S. congress? Wouldn't it be smarter to get involved, take part in determining what goes down? We can be block-headed and refuse to participate in the drafting of the bill, thus accomplishing nothing for the betterment of the CNMI. But noooo, these idiots want to stall the process with a report, only delaying the inevitable for a short time, and continue to simply reject the whole bill completely, doing absolutely zero, zilch good for anyone. They will simply not accomplish anything. They wanna take their toys, and like crybabies, pout and go home. This will NOT help anyone or anything, why the stupidly and ignorance? Here is what the elected D.C. Rep. says....

The Washington Rep was the only elected official that spoke in favor federalization at last weeks immigration hearing...Pete A. tells KSPN News today that he thinks the administration is taking the wrong approach in dealing with Congress and should turn its effort to participate in the framing of what the immigration legislation will eventually look like.

Makes absolute sense, exactly what I've been saying all along. Get a grip governor maybe you should participate in the drafting of this very important bill about to be placed upon us instead of acting like a fool! There I said it again. .....GED.....

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