Friday, August 10, 2007


Our governor must be getting senile, has lost his mind, is in an early stage of Alzheimer's or is simply nuts. We so desperately need a sound mind running our government in these critical days of trying to pull our asses outta the deep hole we have already dug. But this governor can't see the forest for the trees, cannot fathom the fact changes are coming whether he likes it or not. He can either participate in the process or cry, take his sorry self and, as he says himself, "cease to exist." Do any of these following remarks make good sense to anyone? Here is his rhetoric.....
I have known Pete A. Tenorio for most of our lives. But I disagree-strongly disagree-with his views about the pending immigration and labor legislation in Congress affecting the Commonwealth. I believe this legislation will cause serious harm to the Commonwealth's economy and its citizens. I will continue to oppose this legislation. True, most of the subjects he listed in his February testimony are discussed in the legislation. But-and this is critical-in all instances it will be federal officials-some deputy assistant secretary or group of even lower officials -who will make the final decisions! I have lived too long to trust any federal government officials with the unqualified powers given them under this legislation. Why don't you just piss them off while you're at it, that'll help your cause. In fact, our current immigration controls meet or beat any U.S. benchmarks arising out of the U.S. immigration program, and our current guest worker program meets or beats any U.S. benchmarks arising out of federal protections for guest workers in the U.S. We can learn from prior mistakes, and we have. We are a competent people. We are doing better now than we have in the past, and we'll do even better (times) in the days to come. Someone, pleaseeeeee change his diaper! Its fulla shit already!
Gov. Benigno R. Fitial says the U.S. Congress must grant the CNMI a non-voting delegate in the House of Representatives before acting on critical legislation such as one placing local immigration under federal control. ..Dear Governor: The U.S. government does not need to grant a non voting delegate, There isn't anything they 'must' do. He will assert that the labor and immigration system currently in place in the Commonwealth is working, and that H.R. 3079 would jeopardize local efforts to revive the economy. Blind as a bat, I just can't see the part about this present system is working. Are we indeed in two different places? Say I'm on Saipan and you are in La-La Land? Just what part of this economy is being revitalized? CUC? Fitial will reiterate his call for an economic impact study to be conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office before enactment of H.R. 3079, which is identical to Senate Bill 1634 with respect to immigration and labor provisions. Save your time and money doing studies, I can tell you for free, and do it right here and now. Its not working, its as simple as that! Just open your eyes and look around, just what do you see that is working? Well I'm not going into all the problems we have here, this message would get to long. Yup, .....Better Times are all around us, things are "Pretty Darn Good." Where did we hear that bullshit before? (see post #464)

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