Friday, August 10, 2007


Now I don't go out planting trees or picking up trash after other slobs, but I will keep telling you that you have a problem until someone listens. More.......
The perception of a visitor, (and MVA wonders why more don't come.) Friday, August 10, 2007. Vacation on Saipan: "I have just spent the past month here on Saipan taking a little vacation time, playing some golf and visiting old friends. I have to say that this is the saddest and ugliest I have ever seen this island and I used to live here for about 13 years starting in 1991. I now live in what is considered a third world country and I can honestly say that the quality of life there is much better than here." " When I first came here Saipan was truly a paradise but today as I drive around the island all I see are big, empty, ugly, rundown buildings, markets and shops with hideous looking signs, and pawnshops galore."
Good luck CNMI, you're going to need it.
Mike Walsh
It seems to be the consensus of the people of Saipan that this is a pristine beautiful place, but these are the people that haven't been anywhere that is pristine and beautiful. Why do you think the tourism business is so slow? It is not because of the airline seats, its because people go home with the same impression as the writer of the above letter to the editor of the local newspaper. Now before you all get your bowels in an uproar, remember this is not me condemning Saipan, its about the people that don't come here anymore, and I am only the messenger telling you about the problem. To quote an old worn out adage "You have to recognize you have a problem before you can start to fix it". Saipan isn't a nice place to visit, if you have followed my posts I talk about this over and over again. I call out the red flagged beaches, the trash practically everywhere, graffiti and run down tourist sites, the abusive treatment of the tourists and well, I could continue but won't. Who is going to listen to this message and stop wringing their hands, crying crocodile tears and wailing out, Oh! Lord, why aren't they coming. You have now been informed, again!


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I agree with you. We often point at the symtoms and not the underlying reasons.

Tourism isn't bad because JAL left. JAL left because tourism is bad.

The solution is to fix the tourism problem.

Pilgrim said...

Re. Mike Walsh Letter:

Mike may not realize that most of those building with POKER signs on them, are closed poker rooms. The signs are just not removed. In actuality, there are few legal poker establishments remaining, the economy and the marketplace having an effect on that legal gaming industry as any other legal industry.