Thursday, August 30, 2007


A high voltage wire near the Commonwealth Health Center in Garapan caught fire yesterday, cutting power to five electrical grids and causing more outages in many areas on Saipan, on top of the scheduled rolling blackouts.Commonwealth Utilities Corp. spokesperson Pamela Mathis told Saipan Tribune:
Explanation # 1
That those two feeders instantly failed because they run on the same power pole system on Middle Road.
Explanation # 2
“It has to travel out through those two feeders. So with both of those feeders down there's no way to get energy made from Power Plant 4 to the customers.
Explanation # 3
It can't travel through power lines that are down,” she said.
Explanation # 4
Mathis said the line caught fire because of corrosion.“The line was completely corroded. It had been worn down,” she said.
And, Explanation # 5
“When you got a high level of electricity traveling through it and it hits this worn down, corroded parts.” Mathis said.
Well I think that completely explains it to a tee. I gonna guess that leaves you hanging, just like it did me. What is the next sentence gonna say? I guess the real question should be this. Why are these, so called power company operators allowed to even keep their jobs? Can't anyone see what we have here doesn't work, hasn't worked for years never will work again until things are completely changed? So what the hell are we waiting for? Everyone to go broke, or choose to leave this place? I know the sneaky-smart governor has a solution in his pocket that he isn't telling us about, you know, like he has all those new investors just waiting to pour there money into this "blackout economy' thing. He will solve this problem before you can spit and say howdy. He might even have had a chance to ask the feds for some help, but I don't think he's in any position to do that just now considering how he is so adept in managing to keep them pissed-off. So life goes on, the power goes off and we sit here on do-nothing island with a do-nothing government. Playing do-little games with do-little things, spiraling down the toilet...

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