Sunday, August 5, 2007


Now don't get me wrong.. We always pray (bullshit) for the unfortunate, and say, I will pray for you and your family. Every news commentator on TV says this bullshit.. " I will pray for you and your family. Or "our prayers are with you." But when the newscast is over , do you think they give a little rats ass about other peoples problems? Not a chance. So let me see them down on their knees saying...Dear God, help all the people that fell off the I-35 bridge. Save their souls from hell and give them a place in heaven. Never happens, all bullshit, I don't believe them. Show me the tapes of these sympathetic assholes praying. Let me see you down on your knees, saying, "Lord, please help them." Show me the tears in your eyes, please don't keep saying "we're praying for you," or "our prayers are with you" anymore , cause you don't really mean it. You are so full of shit that I can't even believe you would keep saying that, over and over again. Even the president says, Laura's prayers and my prayers go out to you, now that is bullshit too. When was the last time you actually prayed for someone else and meant it? Loooonnnng time ago wasn't it. You never prayed for anyone, other then yourself, when you were afraid and needed help, that's when you prayed, only when you needed it for your own selfish self, Yup, and I didn't pray either.

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