Sunday, August 26, 2007

520- RULE # 2

On a weekend night, you find yourself, and some friends, watching a soft porn movie on cable.
1. Every half-hour you quickly flip through the channels to convince yourself, and them, that there isn't anything good on.
2. You say something like, "God this is bad" or "I can't believe this" at least once.
3. During long drawn out sex scenes you snack on something or drink something to help convince yourself, and them, that it is just a normal movie.
4. At least once during the movie you look it up on to see what other movies that actress has been in on the off chance she's been in something more than direct-to-video releases.
5. You don't tell your friends that this is the 12th time you watched this flick.
6. Pretend to be bored during the "climax."
7. Remark, after its over, I don't usually watch that kind'a stuff.
8. Don't tape it.
These are the rules for watching porn with your friends. To do otherwise would cause you to be known as a pervert.

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