Saturday, August 18, 2007


You are making all different kinds of rules and rates for everyone. Residential customers get this rate plus xxxx costs, commercial customers get this rate plus xxxx costs, government gets this rate plus xxxx costs, non conforming customers get this rate plus xxxx costs etc. Next the 'do little' legislature is trying to change the numbers to get the politicians re-elected this year and every other idiot who wants to get his name in the paper is squealing about the rates and offering their own suggested rates. A business operates this simple way ...What does it cost to produce the product, what are the total expenses and what profit do you want to make. You then get a cost structure to establish a billing rate. Its very simple. CUC you sell KWH's they all cost the same to produce, so every one who uses 1 KWH should pay the cost of 1 KWH. There isn't any difference if it goes to a school, a poker room, a government office or a hot water heater in a residence. They are all the same. They all cost you the same to produce no matter where they are used. Therefore they should all cost the same to use. What the hell is so complicated about this? Next you get the silly government throwing out numbers, everyone grabbing a favorite number out of the air with no idea as to what the real cost to produce a KWH really is, no friggin clue, not even CUC has that answer. Lets just swing in the dark and hope we hit something. Is this any way to run a utility company, on total guesstimating?
A simple ass formula... Cost to produce and deliver 1 KWH = $
Therefore 1 KWH should be billed @ 1 $, .... 10 KWH's should be billed @ 10 $. etc..... Across the board.
This is very simple shit why can't you all get it? Just look as this mess....Under the bill's latest version, residential customers will no longer be charged any non-fuel rates for the first 1,000 kwh of power consumed. They will only have to pay the electric fuel rate, which will be pegged at 17.6 cents per kwh initially. The electric fuel rate may fluctuate depending on the actual cost of fuel. However, the bill punishes consumers who do not save electricity. They will pay a non-fuel rate of 44 cents per kwh, plus the variable electric fuel rate of 17.6 cent per kwh.
The flat monthly customer charge, currently at $7.67, will be cut down to $3.50.
The original bill's provisions for business and government customers, as well as non-conforming load, have been deleted......
What the hell does this mumble jumble mean, "Consumers who don't save power get punished"??? Are there power saving police? I'll tell you what it means...They don't have a friggin clue as to what they are doing! Lost in a fog, brain dead, babbling idiots and we are paying out the ass for this... And still have daily power outages! Next it will be rejected by the governor and they will all be left standing there with their thumbs up their asses, wondering what to do next! I'm tired, ask any questions you may have under comments. Good night! .....GED.....

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Why do I have this image in my head that the CUC plant is powered by rats running on treadmills?