Friday, August 31, 2007

533- CUC - WhatTF?

Take a look at the accompanying photo, that is U.S. Interior Secretary, Dirk Kempthorne and our own rep. Pete A. checking out CUC's power plant. Is this not a simple fact easy to understand? Then why did we do this.....Taiwanese power firm looks at Saipan plants... Here is their assesment.
More than anything else, the power outage problem plaguing the CNMI is caused mainly by maintenance problems, according to representatives of a visiting Taiwanese utilities company based in Guam. Four officers from the Taiwan Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services Inc. have been visiting the power plants on Saipan and, based on their initial assessment, said the CNMI's power plants urgently need maintenance work to improve output. No Shit! Now whyTF do we need to bring in Taiwanese electrical officials to tell us we have a problem at the CUC power plant for? It sure didn't take a study to tell us there is something wrong, something that we all have known for years. How many times do we need to be told CUC is fu*ked up? Maybe we ought to consult with North Korea next, they seem adept to building plants for all kinds of reasons.... Now all wise men say that 'the first step to solving a problem, is to realize there is one', (a very old adage) so I ask you, have we not yet found out and realize there is a problem? Now I'm assuming this first step is now concluded.
In other news: The sixth of eight power engines in the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.'s Power Plant 1 in Lower Base malfunctioned yesterday, triggering more outages in many areas on Saipan, on top of the scheduled rolling blackouts. Do you think there is a serious problem?
Next the most stupid action of all.... House Bill 15-273
Acting Gov. Timothy P. Villagomez has disapproved House Bill 15-273, which would have required two currently nonexistent panels to approve any move to privatize local power operations. Villagomez said the bill was not workable and would make privatization of the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. practically impossible. Villagomez cited several reasons for the veto.“It is not workable. It amends a statutory section that was repealed and replaced just a few weeks ago. It requires the CUC advisory board to do things that the board is not empowered to do; and it conflicts with the express language of the CUC 'statute.' More fundamentally, the bill creates an unworkable privatization process, one which would, as a practical matter, eliminate privatization of the CUC,” he said.
I'm not even going to try make heads or tails out of this and try to explain it, read it yourselves here...... READ ABOUT IT HERE
This current legislature needs to get its head out of its ass and ask the Taiwanese how to write a bill, surely they could help in this area too. Meanwhile lets all keep throwing our hard earned cash at these idiots, lets not demand immediate improvements, lets keep out heads in the sand, and continue to be blindly ripped-off. WhoTF cares?

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