Thursday, August 2, 2007


You just can't take this kind of shit back, it'll haunt you forever.
JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — A minister and Christian radio station employee has been charged with indecent exposure as well as DUI and violation of the open container law, the Kingsport Times-News reported. Tommy Tester, 58, of Bristol, Va., was arrested last week by Johnson City police after they say he urinated in front of children at a car wash.. Police also said Tester, who was wearing a skirt,...... offered to perform oral sex on officers who responded to the car wash. Tester is the pastor of Gospel Baptist Church on Reedy Creek Road in Bristol and works for Christian radio station WZAP-AM. The radio station’s owner, Al Morris, issued a statement Monday saying, "We do not know all the details and facts concerning the arrest; but for the time being Tommy has been relieved of his responsibilities. "Morris told the paper that when he spoke with him, Tester said the Johnson City police had scared the begeebees outta him. "He was scared to death and didn't know what he'd said, what he'd admitted to or anything else he did," Morris said. Tester was released Friday on $1,000 bond. A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 25..... A boys night out, or is it something like, a fuCkEd up dudes night out. A minister and a gospel radio show employee, going to hell in a clean car. A total blackout, a scary thing indeed. Buddy you will NEVER live this down, no sireee, not for the rest of your years. It doesn't matter what you did in all your life before this and everything that you will do after this, this is how you will be remembered, FOREVER!...

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