Friday, August 3, 2007


Friday, August 03, 2007: Saipan casino proponents: We're a "clean" group. Aware of possible public skepticism, proponents of the Saipan casino initiative said that their organization is “clean” and has the broader CNMI interest in mind. Vicente Santos, former educator, House speaker and Covenant negotiator, said the CNMI Indigenous Enterprise Corp., which is behind the Saipan casino initiative, started it with a goal “to be very clean from the beginning.” Santos, who serves as adviser of the enterprise group, said that no organization or committee has ever succeeded in pushing for a Saipan casino. “There was one group formed several years ago but it didn't work. One thing I want to stress is that we want this group to be very clean from the beginning,” he said.-- THE WHOLE STORY HERE-- Well we all know what they mean by "clean" don't we, as they have referred to it several times already.
"Clean" means they are above board, honest, not on the take and not stealing and cheating. This is always the case for any new enterprise when someone is trying to sell something to the rest of the public. Almost akin to a government official trying to get elected, if you know what I mean. Baffle everyone with bullshit until you are elected then do whatever the hell you want, cause its to late for anyone to change their minds. In this case these "clean operators" for the casino, will of course, say they are "clean" and they will remain "clean" UNTIL A LOT OF MONEY ROLLS IN. Why be on the take when there is no money to take? Watch and see what happens if the casino becomes successful and there are a lot of big bucks involved, things will turn "dirty" and "dirty people" will start to get greedy, I friggin' guarantee it, there will be "dirty" hands reaching in the pot. But never mind me, I don't know how shit goes down around here nearly as well as all of you do, so I'm sure that I'm wrong and there is certainly no need for concern, you all know that, don't you? ...... Wait and watch... .....GED.......

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