Monday, December 31, 2007


This seems to be the trend, so here goes with the stats and my picks.
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Now I don't know how this stacks up to a worldly blogger like Angelo who is going for a 1,000 hits a day but this is what the 558 did in '07...
Started: 3/19/07,
Duration: 9.25 mo., 40 weeks or 286 days.
Number of posts: 890 or 3.1 per day.
Most comments for one post: 54
Most hits in one day: 144
Total number of visits starting 3/29/07: 10,000 (9976)
Total number of pages read: 20,724
Blogs I view the most: by the number of times I visit, the most enjoyable to read, and are open for discussions.
(I detest comment moderation.)
Judged by frequency of posts, content and viewer comments.
From my link list, in pecking order:
Lil Hammerhead... Simply the best.
Middle Road... Lots of traffic there.
Bigsoxfan... A different world indeed.
Tamara... Spunky when pushed. A great sense of humor.
Brad/Beachboy... Innovative ideas, good material.
Jeff Turbitt... Lot's of opinions, sticks to his guns. Good writer.
Bruce Bateman... Sour Grapes and a little more.
BoReGo/Boni... Just as her title description says.
The Saipan Blog (Angelo)... Means well. Big hit getter. Party post.
Plato... Stirs the pot. Pig headed. lol (when he's here)
Steele0nSaipan... Right on with his opinions. To few posts.
"Whatever"... Good stuff, needs more.
All others are newly added and DNQ yet.
Favorite non blogging commentator: Saipanboonieman.
All links to these posts are in the right hand column.
My hearty and grateful thanks to all you bloggers out there that made my blogging year a lot of fun and for inducing many interesting discussions, debates and ideas. Thanks again.
Now ain't that great, it's 2008.


lil_hammerhead said...

Thanks Glen! (the money's in the envelope under the flower pot) ;)

Have a great New Year!

bigsoxfan said...

Happy New Year, Glen. I've been slack over the holidays, quess I'll have to pick up the pace. Thanks for the write up. Bruce says, he'll stand good from me on the Tanduay from my misquided bet.

Jeff said...

Good work this year, Glen.

Comment moderation wouldn't be necessary if a small percentage of people took responsibility for their own statements and didn't act like cowardly dickweeds, but c'est la vie.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Nice recap, Glen. Thanks for reading.

May your greens be greener in 2008.

bradinthesand said...

thanks for the honors, glen. see you for a beer when i get back from maui.

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