Saturday, December 22, 2007


Mind ramblings:
Having heard the idiotic suggestion of Stanley TLC* Torres about his desire for the CNMI to become an lonely independent country, I decided to look into some of the things that would need to be, among many, many things, named, designed and printed.
First there would need to be a name chosen for the country, which I took the privilege to suggest. We'll call it, for the time being, The Country of STaR. (Saipan, Tinian and Rota)
Next there would be passports needed for the country of STaR. They would have to be designed and printed probably in the Chamorro language. These would be unreadable around the world, and everyone would ask, "where the hell is STaR?" while gazing skyward. Therefore all people from STaR would now be aliens in every country in the world. Good luck shopping in Guam, attending schools in the US and taking junkets or trips to Hawaii and the mainland. You know, you would be an outsider, looking in, kinda like the way some people are made to feel right here.
Then comes currency, we'll call it the 'Torres' backed by the coconut reserve. What you know now as a 'U.S. dollar' would be a 'STaR Torres,' equal to the value of a coconut. This would have to be designed, printed, and coconuts collected and reserved.
Now we come to the matter of postage and stamps. After developing a postal service there would need to be a STaR postage stamp, This would need to be designed and printed also, may I suggest Stanley's face on the front, so every time you lick the back of it you could be considered kissing his ass in loving thanks.
Don't forget STaR food stamps while we're still on the subject of stamps. These would also have to be named, designed and printed. Shall we call them the STaR-anti-STaRvation coupons. These would be, for all sakes and purposes, useless except they would, however, be redeemable for a few reserved coconuts.
Now I've only touched on things to be named, designed and printed, But wait until you have to design the uniforms for your military and coast guard that should be fun. Then there is the matter of a flag for the country of STaR, that could be neat to do.
Starting with this just let your imagination run wild with all the nice new things you could do with your own new country..
Best of Luck...
*TLC- The Loose Cannon


lil_hammerhead said...

:)Funny. Outside of those things listed in your post, there are many other considerations as well. Our ports for example..FAA training and funding to keep the tower and airport at FAA standards, port security standards and the loss of TSA at the Saipan, Tinian and Rota ports.. not much of an economy if the ports aren't maintained.

glend558 said...

The list would be overwhelming to say the least. What is feeble minded Stanley thinking?
PS.. Stanley, this was meant to be satire... No Resolutions please!

Anonymous said...

The Republic of Belau uses US Dollars. Doesn't Panama use USD?