Saturday, December 22, 2007


Is this supposed to be a ongoing game to see how many times you can get kicked in the balls and keep on bouncing...
Let me show you the next phase in this stupid game...
'397 Could Keep Gov Jobs'
Gov. Benigno R. Fitial announced yesterday that Saipan employees could keep their jobs, as the island's lawmakers have pledged to raise funds for their salaries. The Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation is expected to meet next week. They will act on a bill to reprogram some $2.5 million from recent appropriations to cover the cost of keeping the employees on the payroll.
I suppose they will find the money in the same gold mine they found the money they promised to use to subsidise the power rates. Didn't they promise that before the elections? Didn't you hear that too? So I guess this will go down the same bullshit lined street the subsidy went.
I guess they might think it's funny to put these people through this same ordeal again in the next three months, kinda a sick joke, don't you think? Didn't they say they needed the gaming bill to pass to afford keeping these employees, didn't you hear that too? So I'm guessing that was an outright lie!
You see I have no stake in these employees and they probably aren't really needed in the whole overall scheme of things but the governor is showing just what an idiot he is by doing this.
If he does this to them then no one is immune from his flip-flopping, knee jerking on any number of things. What way to run a government! Now your in, now your out, we have no money, we now have some, We don't have money but we'll find some. You have a job now, now you're gone. Does he need these people or not? Is this some sadistic amusing game to him to keep fucking with people? Whats up with this? Bitter and getting more badder.
Let me hear what you think is the cause of the governors seemly loss of conscience.


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Desperately clinging to a method of holding power from a time long gone by I guess. For the record, I'm not a psychologist but just a car salesman.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot!

bigsoxfan said...

Vindictive old bugger. I'm not a psychologist either, but I've seen someone play one on tv.

Really stepped on the old crank with the golf shoes, re. the Al Gore rant. My internet went down last night and will probably stay that way all weekend. Ugh..Hotel bars aren't the same as bouncing the baby on the lap to the strains of Alvin and the Chipmunks