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Therefore I must once again call out BULLSHIT! One of these days he may see the folly of his reasoning and may have to eat crow*. I will let you decide for yourself.
GOVERNOR Benigno R. Fitial says the United States, known as the land of the free and opportunities, seems to be applying
“socialism” to the Northern Marianas at the expense of its indigenous people.
This man has absolutely no idea what he is saying or even means. Why would they apply socialism to these islands? Do you think this is what is happening here and is it the intent of the federal government to create a socialistic society? Yes I'm asking you. Do you believe this is true?
He made the statement in the wake of the U.S. House of Representatives’ move to pass legislation ending the CNMI governor’s control over local immigration.“This bill would impose a federal labor system on the commonwealth which is nothing more, or less, than an effort to enforce a ‘command economy’ system on the Northern Marianas.
A planned economy is an economic system in which the state or government to one degree or another manages the economy.[1] Its most extensive form is referred to as a command economy,[2] centrally planned economy, or command and control economy[3]) In such economies, the state or government controls all major sectors of the economy and formulates all decisions about their use and about the distribution of income,[4] The planners decide what should be produced and direct enterprises to produce those goods.[5] -Wikipeida
Is this what you perceive is the intent of the federal government, to take over and run the economy or is the governor way off base, Yes I'm asking you, how do you see it?
In another day, it would be called socialism,” said the governor in a statement.
Socialism is a broad array of ideologies and political movements with the goal of a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community for the purposes of increasing social and economic equality and cooperation.[1] This control may be either direct, exercised through popular collectives such as workers' councils, or indirect, exercised on behalf of the people by the state. As an economic system, socialism is often characterized by state or community ownership of the means of production.
“It entrusts to government officials the responsibility for allocating laborers to particular industries and, within industries, to particular companies. These economic decisions should not be made — and cannot be made effectively — by government officials,” he added.
Is the government of the CNMI not controlled by 'government officials' and "government officials cannot make economic decisions effectively" So what goes with that? Is the governor speaking with a forked tongue, and two different mouths?
The U.S., a melting pot of people from different ethnic backgrounds, prospered because of its open market policy, said the governor. “The United States economy has prospered because of our reliance on a market economy – and the forces of supply and demand. I regret that the members of the U.S. House committee rejected these basic principles,” he said.
Planned economies are in contrast to unplanned economies, i.e. a market economy, where production, distribution, and pricing decisions are made by the private owners of the factors of production based upon their own and their customers' interests rather than upon furthering some overarching macroeconomic plan. Less extensive forms of planned economies include those that use indicative planning in which the state employs "influence, subsidies, grants, and taxes, but does not compel."[6] -Wikipeida
So as I see it a Market Economy is run by the private owners and not by a government legislating the labor market, Yes I'm asking you? Do you see it this way too? Do you feel the intent of the federal government is to enact the policies described by the governor? Your comments will be greatly appreciated if I am of the wrong impressions. I really only want you to put this into your own way of reasoning and see if you think the governor is correct in his way of thinking. Yes I'm asking you. Do you think he's right?
P.S. 12/15/ 07
Socialism argument 'does not make sense'
A federal official
took issue yesterday with Governor Fitial's suggestion that the CNMI immigration federalization bill would impose a “socialist command economy” on the Commonwealth.
David B. Cohen, the U.S. deputy assistant secretary for insular affairs, said the argument by Gov. Benigno R. Fitial does not make sense.
According to Cohen, if federalization would enforce a command economy in the CNMI, then it must be inconsistent with the United States' free market principles. “That analysis cannot be correct,” he said, “and here's why: The CNMI immigration federalization bill uses the U.S. immigration law as a starting point, and then adds unprecedented flexibility that is tailored to the CNMI’s special needs to attract workers, tourists, investors and other visitors.” Cohen maintained that the new federal laws for bringing workers and others into the CNMI would be much more flexible than the laws that apply to every other community in the United States. “If the U.S. has a free market economy with its existing immigration law, including the laws for bringing in workers, how can a much more flexible law result in a socialist command economy in the CNMI?
It doesn’t make sense,” Cohen said.
*Eating crow is an English idiom meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proven wrong after taking a strong position.

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Anonymous said...

As usual the Governator is way off base. Sort of reminds me of a high school student trying to write a paper with a new thesaurus.

Actually I thought our government system here was a "cooperative dictatorship".