Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This describes the Fitial administration's response to the resignation of a good man...
Mr. David Cohen...
Listen to them gloat and drool.. Story Here
Administration: 'Opportunity' in Cohen's resignation
U.S. Interior Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs David Cohen’s resignation, which takes effect on Jan. 31, 2008, is seen by the Fitial administration as an opportunity to improve its ties with the federal government.
What a sadistic bunch of selfish people. Anyone not totally agreeing with, kissing their asses or totally doing everything they want won't be considered a friend either.
Press Secretary Charles Reyes Jr. yesterday said the administration regrets that the Bush administration’s key official in-charge of insular areas like the CNMI did not agree with their anti-federalization stand.
Whatever makes you think the next person appointed to the position will be on your side anyway? Do you think the Federal government will send someone that don't agree with the feds decision to federalize the labor and immigration?
“We also regret that Mr. Cohen was not able to establish a better working relationship with the CNMI government. We would have appreciated a more cordial and constructive relationship based on trust, good faith, and goodwill,” said Reyes in an e-mail.
Do you suppose that any negotiations other then a bullheaded stance totally against everything would have made anyone more friendlier and cooperative?
He added, “With Mr. Cohen’s departure, we look forward to a fresh start with Interior. We would certainly appreciate a more positive and constructive relationship with the Office of Insular Affairs under a different, more capable, reasonable, and responsible leadership — one that genuinely respects the needs of our islands.”
A fresh start with your same old headbutting rhetoric will get you nowhere, you will end up in the same sinking ship you are now in, but things could even get worse if the new guy is easier to piss off then the amicable Mr. Cohen was. Watch what you wish for and stop gloating and drooling 'cause the next guy won't be any different, in fact he could even tougher then Cohen. How about someone like Al Staymen for the replacement?. You don't appreciate a good thing until its gone!


Anonymous said...

Any opportunity for improved relations with the Feds probably went out the window as soon as Fitial (through his surrogates) started insulting Cohen and implying his leadership was not capable, not reasonable and not responsible. This Administration has no class whatsoever. How embarrassing!

saipanboonieman said...

agreed. cohen always seemed to be a genuine advocate for all residents of the CNMI. his letter to the editor today clearly points this out with his words on respecting the islanders' sentiment with regard to their land (although i dont necessarily agree with him on all points). and the administration is indeed foolish if they think they'll be getting someone more sympathetic to their arguments than cohen was.

on a side note, the suddenness of it all kinda makes me wonder what kinda of magic, if any, tan's lobbying money played in this. hhhmmmm...

Anonymous said...

None whatsoever. As a political appointee, Cohen stayed on longer than most. The prime time for PA's to move on, and maximize their contacts for future career placement, is right after the President's re-election. Neither Fitial nor his lobbyist have any credibility with the powers that be. Shoot, they couldn't even prevent the Ombudsman's renewal, let alone tank Cohen!