Saturday, December 8, 2007

834- PUBLIC LAW 15 - 108

This numbnut law will never make it. It is the most ignorant law ever passed. (Although the reduction of the power rates, thanks to TTT and greedy, vote grubbing legislators, may come in first.) But the best thing about this law is it screams for the feds to come here put this to sleep.
The best two proponents of the federalization of the labor and immigration are the Governor and his "it'll ruin the economy" babble, when there isn't even a viable economy working here to ruin, and Cinta Kaipat's outlandishly stupid labor reform bill
PL 15-108. If these two things don't call out desperately for help then I don't know what does.
Now this is a very good thing they're doing here because this will louden and hasten the call for changes. The feds are watching and listening, and they know bullshit when they see it too.
Here is the first crack opening in this mess....
Sablan: Lawmakers May Revisit Labor Law
The Story Here
Some current and incoming legislators are planning to revisit the controversial labor reform law, Public Law 15-108, according to representative-elect Tina Sablan. Sablan disclosed there are legislators-both incoming and current-who are willing to revisit the local labor law and take up the concerns of the community about it.
So all the marching and footwork is paying off and this piece of crap will never make it.... Just my opinion, but you watch...

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