Thursday, December 13, 2007


The English language seems to have been created for the purpose of confusing us. Sometimes, there are simply too many ways to say the same thing. In order to help you navigate your world a little better, we've searched high and low for alternate names and phrases for farting. As you know those little squeakers and at times those humongous thunder claps just have a way of creeping up on you and causing some embarrassing moments and leaving you at a loss for words. We don't want you to be embarrassed by a narrow vocabulary, so in the interest of education, we humbly present to you some of the known ways you can say,
"Whoops I Farted".
This is a condensed list:
Baking Brownies
Bench Warmer
Blowing the Butt Trumpet
Butt Bubble
Elevator Evacuation
Fermented Revenge
Floated an air biscuit
Mud Crickets
Oops! I let Fluffy off the leash*
Pantie Burps*
Rancid Rebate
SBD (Silent But Deadly)
Stepped on a Frog
The Great Brown Cloud
Thunder from Down Under
Tunnel Trumpeting
Unsung Melody
Vulgar Vapor
Who opened their lunch box?
There are numerous other expressions you may use when that special but pregnant moment happens, but uttering one of these neat little quips will surely ease the tension just as the fart eased the pressure. Pleasant tooting... Whats in your wallet? Comment below...
* For women only


bigsoxfan said...

blaming it on the baby is ineffective at best.

Barking spiders tell no lies

glend558 said...

You can always kick the dog, if you got one..

bigsoxfan said...

Ha Ha, see you followed the link on the danger signs. You picked a good one. I kind of enjoy buying a new tool, just to see what nonsense the warning label has to say.