Saturday, December 15, 2007


The house is now making it's move with the employee as pawns, here is their move.
The Story
The moves: Babauta Still Optimistic of Budget's Passage
House Speaker Oscar M. Babauta says he is still optimistic a budget will be approved before year end. Babauta said legislative staff members are working on the draft budget bill and it may be ready for deliberation next week. “I'm still determined to push the budget through the process. Hopefully, we can have it passed before the end of the year,” he said. The administration will let go of nearly 400 employees if cost-cutting measures are not enacted soon. Babauta said the affected employees should not to lose hope, as “anything is still possible.”Lobbying for Saipan gaming bill may help the cause of the soon-to-be-laid-off employees, he said. Proponents of the bill say the CNMI government could earn some $20 million a year in fresh revenue if gaming operations were allowed on Saipan. “That would be of great help to our financial situation. Part of that money can be utilized to save government jobs,” Babauta said.
To all you pawns:
Here is what your part in the game is. You will be used as voices to help the House (H.o.R.) and the governor convince the Senate, through your begging and pleading for your sorry jobs, to pass the gaming bill, a really cheap shot to all you hoping to have a decent Christmas with your families.
Can you see through this yet? With your pleas the Gov. and H.o.R. are USING YOU in their stupid game. You all will be on the bubble until the gaming bill is passed. If you don't accomplish this move for the Gov, and the H.o.R. you then will simply get fucked, plain as that. You instead should rebel and tell the idiots you keep voting into office that you see through their silly game and will never vote for them again. But of course they won't listen to you 'cause they don't care about you anymore since they are already in office for the next term. Silly you voting for them over and over again in each election.
I see your teary eyed desperate images on TV saying how your Christmas is in limbo by not knowing if you have jobs after this stupid game is over, well I have no pity or sympathy for you because this is the results of empowering the same people to care for you again and again. So suck it up and instead of pleading for your jobs start telling them just what assholes they are for using you this way. Tell them their asses are on the line, tell them to stop using you as their pawns, tell them to go to hell...


saipanboonieman said...

do you really think we'd be in this mess if they were open enough to read up on people's thoughts and opinions online?

you need to send this post in to the papers for them to see it.... i hope you do.

glend558 said...

Boonie, You know I've sent a lot of letters to the paper and they don't make any difference.
Sadly, as you can see by the amount of comments to this post no one else cares either.
Everyone seems to be as the blind following the blind...
Feel free to cut and paste, modify it in anyway you would like and send it in yourself. It'll be OK with me if you use it...