Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Now my goal is to get my old job at labor and implement this same anti-worker law..

I don't see a very clear picture here. It just doesn't make sense. Maybe it's just me. Lets take a look at it..
OUTGOING Rep. Jacinta M. Kaipat says her sponsorship of the bill that is now the Commonwealth Employment Act of 2007 was one of the main factors for her election loss. “I’d be a fool to think that (the labor law) is not (a factor),” she said.
Let's see if I can get this. So this anti-business law that everyone is protesting cost you the election, have I got it so far? Go on...
“But you know what, it’s okay with me that I didn’t get re-elected if this is what it takes to wake up our government leaders to the fact that we have unemployed locals here, that we have more people here than we have jobs.”
Does the government really need to be awakened to the fact that locals need jobs, and weren't you part of that government for the last two years, it it now only coming to light? Heck, even I knew this years ago. It's to bad you had to be the sacrificial lamb to get this point across now. How about the government supporting better wages, would that not help the local workforce? Maybe instead of keeping wages depressed you could have helped draft something along those lines if you are truly concerned. Yet the governor declares raising the wages "will ruin the economy" do you agree with that? Could that be a part of the problem?
A former Department of Labor hearing officer before the Covenant Party asked her to run for public office, Kaipat said she looks forward to returning to her old job if the department still wants her service. “I hope to work there and get this new law implemented,” she said.
Now the part I can't fathom, you want to keep beating the very same drum that cost you the election, I don't get it... I do however thank you for your part in bringing the federalization full speed ahead and showing them how badly new fair labor laws are needed. You ask people to read the law, what part of it do you want to showcase? Doesn't Jim Benedetto understand it either? Do you think rereading it will change it? Does a replay of a touchdown ever change the score of a game?
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Pragmatic Plato said...

Grant improved status to long -term alien workers and wane the CNMI as quickly from any guest worker type program. The market will then correct itself and their will be more than enough jobs for the people of the CNMI. It works. Trust me. There are fifty billion communities with these basic principles of business 101 that we can observe as examples.

Will it sting in the short term? Yes. Are we not bleeding profusely at this very moment? This will not wreck our economy. It will be the most important move ever to try and improve it.

Boycott Porky's!


Anonymous said...

I don't know why Cinta can't figure out what people don't like about this bill. Sure there may be some technical improvements with some provisions, but the main point is it just says "Go Home".

Nobody is arguing about the need for locals to step up and gradually fill jobs currently held by others. The fact is they aren't. They don't have the skills in many cases or the desire. Even foreign investors realize it's economically in their interest to hire locals. The point is they cannot even meet the 20% provision.

It's not a case of alien workers "taking" jobs away at all. It's a problem of accessible education, a suppressed wage scale, and in some cases work ethic that is preventing locals from filling these jobs.

What then is the reason for sending alien workers home? Just as the Governor has said, to circumvent any Federal issuance of resident alien status. The idea that some alien workers could control their own destiny seems to be just appalling to many in government here. It reminds me of the Civil Rights era of the 60's.

Get over it Cinta!!

saipanboonieman said...

i think its a mistake to say that local residents dont desire to work in the private sector. the simple matter is that, after taxes and all other required deductions, our minimum wage just doesnt enable one to make a living off of it.

other than that, you and pp are spot-on! especially with:

"the main point is it just says "Go Home""

Anonymous said...

Why should we have to read the new law, Cinta? The people that voted for it didn't read it.

Anonymous, the 1st. said...

saipanboonieman said...

(i think its a mistake to say that local residents dont desire to work in the private sector...)

I didn't mean to imply local residents don't desire to work in the private sector. I meant there are many, many jobs they either don't want to do , or can't.