Friday, December 14, 2007


Jobless Before Christmas:
Some 400 Govt Workers Laid Off Next Week
It's a week before some 400 government employees will lose their jobs, and no action has yet been taken to prevent the furlough. Press secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr. said the administration has made a decision, and it must implement that decision because of inaction by the Legislature. “We're still going forward with the plan,” Reyes said. “Employees have already been given notice that they will not be employed come Dec. 22nd. It's very unfortunate. We regret it. But it's a matter of dollars and cents. It's not tenable to employ them beyond the funding period.” The only recourse left for the affected workers, he said, is to lobby the Legislature to act on the budget, the unpaid holiday bill, and the gaming proposal for the former La Fiesta shopping mall. Last year, the administration threatened to lay off workers due to a similar funding problem. But the furlough notices were recalled after the Legislature passed the austerity Fridays law.
Do you 400 employees see the picture here? You are being offered as a trade-off for the three bills the governor wants. More and more is being placed on the table in a stand-off deal with the legislature, including now, the new bill to allow gambling at the La Fiesta along with the budget and the holiday bill. Governor wins, you keep the jobs, the Legislature doesn't budge, you lose. The next stage will be to blame each other, now I'm not kidding, you watch. Yup, playing games with your lives and families.
Government employees, you should feel anger and resentment to be one of the bargaining chips or as I call them pawns. Isn't it wonderful to be so appreciated that you are disposable too, now you know how some 'other' people feel. This government don't give a shit about you after they got your votes and they are now in office, you are now nothings to them anymore.. You are disposable commodities!
That's all I will say on this subject at this time. I hope the headbutting is resolved, and it probably will be, but it will never take back the feelings you must have by being placed in this venerable position, the damage is done. I sure hope this will bring you to see the light as to what a piece of shit government you serve and keep re-electing.
Happy Holidays to All!


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Glen, gov't employees did not seem too angry that most of their legislators didn't join them in a 10% paycut, as they voted most back into office anyways. Perhaps that apathy is why you haven't heard much protesting from those about to be laid off.

lil_hammerhead said...

I think that folks think that they will be saved at the last minute.