Sunday, December 2, 2007


These are my thoughts only and not of any influence from the Rep. elect.
Letter to the editor: Ms. Tina Sablan (The story here.)
President, Taotao Tano
CNMI Association Inc.
YOUR actions recently have disappointed me on how you are taking a stand on an issue that is moot and is now in the hands of the U.S. Congress.
Well I suppose you would prefer to have her stand on a street corner and yell "aliens go home" as you and your group did.
Our guest workers here in the CNMI have every right to speak their minds, but you must be mindful Ms. Sablan, for you are now a public servant, which means you now work for the best interest of EVERYONE and not just a particular group.
Did you and your group have everyone's interest in mind when you riled alien workers, the ones helping build this community?
You are marching with those who did not cast a vote for you. We, the U.S. citizens of this commonwealth, elected you as a duly appointed representative to find diplomatic solutions and common ground so everyone can have a fair voice, but who are you representing? A vocal minority who did not vote for you and who’s fate resides in the hands of the U.S. Congress?
Greg Cruz, You seem to be speaking for a lot of people who didn't vote for you too, having only garnered a mere 150 votes out of your group of thousands as you claim. Who are the Taotao Tano anyway (imaginary little people in your mind) that you are speaking for, only that 150 people who voted for you?
And yes, mind you, there are quiet (a few?) guest workers who feel that your willful and one-sided activism has tainted our relationship with them. Why are you puncturing wounds and subjecting yourself to scrutiny when you are now a servant of our homeland and is fast becoming as transparent as your platform?
Now here is a place I'd like to see some facts, "show me the facts (numbers)" to back this very highly improbable statement, there is no way your statement is even close to a truth. Don't bullshit us with your guesses and unsupported wishes.
Have you forgotten your “Chamorro Culture”? I will ask you publicly a question and see if I can test your loyalty: “What is the central core value of Chamorro culture?” If you can answer that, it will remind you of your place in our culture and it will reveal once and for all what it means to be “Chamorro.” If you need to look it up, then it explains why you do what you do.
Am I missing something here? I remember just a few lines above you said, And I will Quote you "but you must be mindful Ms. Sablan, for you are now a public servant, which means you now work for the best interest of EVERYONE and not just a particular group. Is what you are saying here parallel to your above statement or now do you get to pick your own special interest group, how does that work, do you speak out of two different mouths? Is the "Chamorro culture" everyone as you mentioned earlier or a select group that does not include all the diverse groups of people? Explain this please.
Ms. Sablan, be careful when you step into the Legislature next year because you will enter your new, ever clear, polished and shiny “Glass House.” There will be more people looking in than you can possibly count. You think that as a congresswoman it will make you all powerful?
Sorry, think again, for people in glass houses better be careful when throwing stones, because those looking in might throw boulders! Now isn’t that ironic!
How is peacefully supporting a display of people wanting a better life throwing stones? How do you manage to twist a simple thing into something violent and counter it with threats. Actually her polishing the glass house will enable all to see in and all the others in there will be exposed too, think about that. How ironic!
And finally, It won't matter if there is fluoride in the water anyway, the betel nut cancels it out. Betel nut will wipe out your teeth way before natural decay will. Toothless people don't even need it.


lil_hammerhead said...

Thanks Glen.. This bum needed to be responded to.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

There's nothing better to start Monday morning with than a cup of Joe, NFL highlights and a GlenD letter-to-the-editor analysis. Well done. Cruz is like my 3-year old, he just doesn't know when to stop talking. Thank goodness only 150 people disagree.


COMMUNITY SUGGESTIONS starts from No. 1....


Doutrich, here a few from the community!

What’s wrong this time? The only time you crawl out is when it’s about Tina and your business. I was waiting for your message to arrive and I was right. What you need Doutrich is to grow up and clean up your blogspot from nudity you “Sick Minded”.


1. Hasn't even taken office and she has open on agenda nothing to do with her precinct. She will be a waste as a Rep.'




3. This girl had lost her mind. Who is she representing???

4. There ARE no reports except Filipino reports - they write as much as they can about her. Even during the campaign - count the number of lines written about Tina and compare it to the other Candidates. She is the darling of the Filipino Press.



I LIKE THIS PART! Very true!


7. They sit and play computer throwing ugly lines at each other. Visit their bloodspots they are like bunch of children, teenagers and women gossiping on every little thing that moves. Angelo makes more sense than any of them especially Harry Blaloch.

8. Right you are. They hang around children too much and don't get ADULT talk. They talk down to everyone because they think everyone is a student. They want to act like TEACHERS. Aren't in the real world.

9. When ever the tough gets going, they run.

10. Some dedicated ones - but many are just hanger oners - they are working for retirement.

11. Some are like the Filipino trying to get into USA. Many are pregnant willing to live on the food stamps given the child which in some case is as much as their salaries, other don't want to go home to their province and live there. This is the best deal they have or could ever get and they won't go very easy. Same as Filipino. If they weren't happy, would they go home? This is better than home - so they will stay until deported. In many foreign countries I have visited, Chinese are all over the world, YOU WON'T GET THEM OUT ONCE THEY ARE IN - the good workers go home, the bad to middle group will stay. That's what you have now. Because we are forced to hire the ones on island - the labor pool of quality has well down. Industry is not competitive because the quality of workers here are bad.

My answer to this Doutrich, is get with the program. How long have you been on Island besides the golf course? I’m responding to paragraph below.

Greg Cruz, You seem to be speaking for a lot of people who didn't vote for you too, having only garnered a mere 150 votes out of your group of thousands as you claim. Who are the Taotao Tano anyway (imaginary little people in your mind) that you are speaking for, only that 150 people who voted for you?
And finally -Just received more frustrated local about your star:

1. Tina Sablan,

You should be concentrating on finding solutions to our declining economy instead of wasting time defending non-residents and joining unity rally. Have you thought of something to fix our problems? What is your first solution? The people of the CNMI had voted you in if so! To see changes but the only changes we see are you trying to re-open the doors to this innocent people to what? Nothing! We have no jobs, we have no money, the CNMI government is broke and here you are dying to present democracy to the CNMI knowingly there is nothing to offer at this point. What is in your mind? What is your solution to the opposite side? You want everything open and promised transparency but when that is being done you want to act as if it is wrong. We did not vote you in so you can open more doors to our fallen economy instead to give a better idea and solutions. We don’t see that! We see Tina Sablan trying her darnest to be a hero for the non-residents. A true leader Tina would not take a side that is all we see in you. What about the people of the CNMI? Would you march with us? Would you unite with Taotao Tano group who is dying to clean corruption on our Island? Would you help on CUC? No! You are too busy advocating at the San Antonio pavilion the main area for the non-residents and where they hold their monthly meetings.

Wake up Tina get out of wonderland. CNMI is broke, down, nothing to offer to anyone including its own people or you just blind and ignorant?

So! My next question is if your rally, vigil, protest and what ever you call it succeeds, what are you going to offer this people? Are you going to unlock the 20% PL 9-71 down to 5% to accommodate their needs? Or do you have jobs for this people? You might as well tell Governor Fitial to step down girlfriend and take over so you can be the next bimbo hero up that hill. Well! If you asked the people of the CNMI we would tell you, that you have lost it big time.

Grow up and smell the cream. You are making us feel sick to our stomach. CNMI needs our help not helping people to nothing

2. Another one said,

She should check her constituency who are jobless; she should have not opposed the 15-108, which would benefit the locals and her constituency. Instead of being an activist for non-resident workers who did not vote her in to office and instead be an activist to your profession and your previous job at DEQ on environmental quality.

You see Doutrich, At least I try to put it out as diplomatic as possible.


Oh! here is another one...

dear mr. cruz,

i would like to congratulate you on a great letter regarding tina sablan. this girl is confused and very dangerous for our community. she just wants attention and she is giving false hope to the non-resident workers here in the cnmi. she should realize that her idea of granting permanent residences to alien workers will be disaster for us and the future of our children.

this is what i want you to know about tina sablan..i did not vote for her! and i know that people who did are probably now regretting voting for her.

thank you mr. cruz and we want you to keep up the fight for our local people.

best regards,


You notice I cut the worst parts in each letters. That's just being diplomatic. idiots....

Thank you

Anonymous said...

After wading through TTT's rant and trying to understand what he was saying, the only thing I could conclude was that TTT are a group of racist morons. Considering the number of votes the TTT leader recieved in the last election, there are many others who think likewise.

Mr. Cruz, it is absolutely amazing your incomprehension of island issues and how one would go about to address them. I feel sorry for you as you basically embarrass yourself (especially) and everyone else on island whenever you open you mouth and start spouting off your drivel.

G said...


you have serious issues. the march in no way is the only thing tina stands for. why not hop over to her forum and read up on some of the things she is keeping tabs on. her participation in this march is her prerogative. she is a representative elect and she represents all the people of precinct #1 (including those that did not vote or can not vote). she is also still a member of this community and i hope she never waivers from doing what she feels is right.

i am more than positive that she would be willing to address you and any of the folks that placed comments on your site directly.

glen hunter

glend558 said...

TTT, Did you read post #809 and #811? I crawled out awhile ago but maybe you didn't notice. Your replies are something to behold keep them up... We love 'um...

G said...


by the way, your letter today did nothing to regain any "lost dignity" that you may feel the people of cnmi have lost (this is the headline on your blog "together we shall regain our dignity").

"Dignity in humans involves the earning or the expectation of personal respect or esteem which is due to every individual for the mere fact that he or she is human. This inherent worthiness of human beings is often called human dignity."

juscurious said...

Jus wondering when Greg say "aliens go home" does that include his son in law who is not a local (chamorro or carolinian) and not from the USA either? Does he want his son in law to go home and take his granchildren with him? Or does go home aliens only applies to people not related to him? jus curious?

bradinthesand said...

that's why you should be at least a high school graduate to run for office...

lil_hammerhead said...

Tina is representing her voters Moron. I am one of her voters. I knew exactly what Tina stood for.. everyone did. And that's what we voted for.

Instead of standing by the roadside holding racist signs and then running away from that when they got spanked by the public.. Tina was speaking her mind and sticking to her message. Not trying to find some message like "go home Filipinos", or "lower CUC rates", that they could use to try to fool the public into voting for them. Fortunately the public isn't that stupid. Mr. Cruz came in last place in his precinct, 9th out of 9 candidates. :)lol.

Judging by that showing, you don't have much authority to be telling anybody what they should be doing.

What Tina's doing is exactly what her voters knew she would be doing and want her to continue to do.

Biba Tina! Boo to sore and racist LOSERS.

the un cheesy Bree said...

i personally like how his blog is set to private and we can't in fact see if these comments are from different people or if he just made them all up.

i leave his comments about teachers alone. clearly he didn't have very good ones.

glend558 said...

Bree, I looked for those comments too, couldn't find any. All the posts had 0 comments...Hummm
I also wondered what were the bad parts that were left out...

Anonymous said...

Hey Cruz.. you need to take a little tutoring from some of the teachers to at least learn how to write. Maybe thay have only been to Hawaii and the Philippines as a tourist... but what is your friggin' point? What if they were only visiting 3 states in their life and Guam and Saipan? Point please??? And oh, by the way, did you konw that you have a choice when it comes to Flouride? Funny how someone as apparently illiterate as you can be an expert on Dental health, Power generation, Teachers, Filipinos.. I hate to think of how stupid the 150 people are who voted for you must be.

bigsoxfan said...

Just to jump on the bandwagon; I'm heading back to the states pretty soon.

I would have loved to been able to remain on Saipan and work in my profession as a mechanical engineer. However, the pay never came close to our living expenses on the island. I'm not all that as a diesel mechanic, however, I would have enjoyed setting my abilities against the monsters which produce the lights and aircon. Most people like a professional challenge, as long as the baby isn't forced to forage. If you can't come up with home grown engineers, then at least cut the pro's from Luzon et al a little slack.

Practice the tt goals all you want. Can I say, douche bag?

At the end of day; The hired engineers are keeping the lights on and the air cool. If I was on island, I would march and to my mind that pretty well places your platform alongside the betel nut stains where Monsg. Guerro hits Beach Road.

Let's see; when the mainland congress considers an emergency relief bill for the CNMI, whose name is going to come up? Tina, who is on board for everyone, or the TT, who is concerned for only the people who dug themselves into the hole?

I'm fed up with the tt crap, I watched an hour long docu today on islanders from the lower regions of the islands, who sailed to Easter Island from the marguessa (sp) Not the first time, I've run across this sort of travelling, but What the fu.. Flouride in the water is bad?? Find something useful to speak about and have someone do it in a positive and intelligent way. Resign, sign a sucide pact with the nut job stanley. Thanks for the fun, but there are too many good people on Saipan for anyone to take you and your organization seriously, I hope. You suck large.

TT Members said...


when did you mention you were leaving the Island???? hope soon and make sure you take you bimbos with you. Have a nice trip..

bimbos said...

Hey TT members,

Don't worry, we're not leaving with bigsoxfan! We'll still be here sucking off the fat locals by YCO Hardware in Garapan while their fat wives are home feeding SPAM to their chunky little kids.

bigsoxfan said...

Yo Bimbo's, miss you girls. Hope you get bail soon. And thanks for not propositioning me, when I was with the wife and child on our way into WB's. Greg C. should have a small amount of your tact and understanding.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

That comment by "bimbos" isn't cool or necessary. You just stooped lower than the TTT guy and saying things that nasty anonymously is spineless.

Anonymous said...

I agree Steele on Saipan.... it's a terrible and low act of spineless insensitivity to say such things about Spam.





the TAOTAO TANO'S CNMI said...


G said...


please add me to the circle of idiots as well (if i am not already a part of it).

glen hunter

G said...

The Unity March in Saipan was a huge success (waiting to get word on Rota and Tinian Marches). There were at least 7,000 people in attendance from all different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life.

It was an amazing thing to see and participate in. We all walked a stretch of 3.5 miles in support for S. 1634 (which retains the "improved status" provision for foreign workers) and in opposition of a locally passed Labor Law that inflicts further harm on members of our community.

We are already starting with the planning of a "unity concert" in January. If each person that showed up to March shows up with a buddy at the Concert we could be looking at around 20,000 people. If that doesn't send a message to our governments (both locally and federally) what will?

I saw a child holding a poster that read the following:

"I was born here, I am a US citizen, How am I supposed to serve my country if I am forced to go to another country."

What are we doing. We are talking about human beings that have lived in the CNMI for 5, 10, 15, 20+ years. Human beings that have met loved ones, married, had children, made great freinds, built homes, set down roots.

The Virgin Islands experienced this same exact issue. Why can we not learn from others:

"The Virgin Island H-2 Program. In the 1950s the H-2 program was used on the U.S. Virgin Islands to allow unskilled workers from various neighboring islands to work in the agricultural and tourist industries. By the 1960, these foreign workers were being employed "for any job" on the Islands. More and more jobs ceased to be temporary so by the end of the 1960s H-2 workers accounted for almost half of the entire work force. The cost of living on the Islands is high so that citizen workers were reluctant to work for the low wages paid to the H-2 workers. Their unemployment increased dramatically. In the meantime, housing, education and social conditions worsened and the H-2 program was described as being "the biggest single problem" on the Island. As the number of H-2 workers kept increasing, there was even fear that the native born population might lose political control of their homeland. Efforts were made to stop the children of the H-2 workers from attending public schools but federal courts intervened. As the Island’s economy became dependent on H-2 workers a two tiered labor market developed. Ultimately the program was abandoned in 1975 but most H-2 workers were allowed to adjust their status to become permanent resident aliens because by this time they had put down roots in their new land."

In Feb 2000 a Senate bill was passed UNANIMOUSLY. It never saw the light of day in the House due to Abramof. Today the Senate is sitting on a nearly identical bill and so was the house. Our new million dollar lobbyists are at it again and have so far been able to scratch the "improved status" provision from their bill.

We will never learn. Enough BS. If one Million Dollar an hour lobbyist can speak louder than the 7,000+ protesters at yesterdays march, than maybe Federalization of Immigration is not really the solution. I hope the US Senate proves me wrong and passes S 1634 and I hope our local government repeals or ammends the Local Labor Law.

Glen Hunter



No your not a part of the idiots.

Finally I hear someone talking diplomaticaly and making sense. Glenn I hear you and this are tough times but I as an advocate for my indigenous local people we will not become a minority in our homeland regardless of the current situation. I respect anyones freedom to express thier opinions. We are in support of Public law 15-108.


Tamara said...

What about me?? My last name is "Hunter" and I think PL 15-108 is a terrible piece of legislation!!! Can I please be in your circle of idiots Mr. Greg Cruz?


Tamara, What are talking about it has nothing to do with "Hunter" feel free to join the circle but you got it wrong. I respect your opinion on PL 15-108 but Taotao Tano's don't think its terrible.

GREG CRUZ said...

Hey Doucherich, I see it clearly now, you’re the parasite who leeches of people’s opinions for humor. You get a kick out of this nonsense soap opera crap. Man, you are a sick old man who has nothing else better to do other than read other peoples mail, peep through keyholes, or windows just for kicks, probably a peeping tom, or preys on young children via chat. I know your kind Psycho and judging from those eyeballs looks like you had a hard time being disciplined growing up, seems like you got whacked once to many behind the head and most likely brains are lopsided that’s why you have such an idiotic blog and you do what you do Psycho.

Esta later Douchebag, got important, serious, intelligent, common sensed people to meet with and don’t worry I won’t mention you, but I’ll warn them about 558, especially if they have children who are on the internet.