Sunday, December 9, 2007


Beware, mental midgets are at work again. Proving once again that they have absolutely no regard for the public and the voters concerns. Once in office, after the standard rhetoric of bullshitting about their support for education, health care and public safety they now don't give a shit anymore. They're in to do their own agendas, here is what happens...
Tinian Investor Disappointed with Saipan Gaming Bill, Postpones Casino Project
A NEW casino
investor on Tinian has postponed its scheduled groundbreaking because the House of Representatives passed a Saipan gaming measure. “We are very disappointed and are considering postponing indefinitely the $60 million first phase groundbreaking that was scheduled this month,” said Bridge Investment Group LLC executive vice president Phillip Mendiola-Long in an e-mail to Variety. The bill aims to raise $200,000 yearly to pay for the La Fiesta Mall which was bought by the government under the previous administration.
So were trading a $100 million resort and casino investment for a $200,000 dollar payment for a fiasco.
The groundbreaking for the new Tinian casino was slated for Dec. 28. The new $100 million casino facility was scheduled to be completed in June 2009. “But due to the Legislature’s actions, this has been cancelled and planning for Tinian is now being evaluated,” Mendiola-Long said. “This will now push our schedule until we get a clear picture of what the CNMI wants to do with the gaming issue.”
This is a smart political move on the part of BridgeIG. This bill is now sunk. This bill will really piss off some people and you will see assholes and elbows flying, especially on Tinian. Because this is such a good move on BIG's part this crises will pass very quickly and all will reurn to the status-quo just like it never happened.
I will guarentee this will not pass the Senate, won't even get a 1/3 vote, wait and watch.. Another Gaming bill, DOA.


bigsoxfan said...

I'll take that bet and raise a bottle of Tanduay. Anyone putting a casino on Tinian is only doing so because there is a ban on gambling on Saipan. The fact there is no direct air service to Tinian, flies in the face of my reasoning, but I suppose they figure they may get ILS eventually and then direct flights.

If Bridge LLC, isn't already invested in the current proposal at la fiesta (hedging their bets?) I would be surprised. I bet the bill clears the senate by a wide majority, but any senator from other than Saipan, should have their finacial disclosures in line, should they feel like declaring. Ha..

glend558 said...

There are 9 Senators, 3 from each district. Will Rota and Tinian Senators vote for Saipan gaming?
Not, Hence the prediction of it failing...

bigsoxfan said...

Hmm, I think Santa will be leaving a bottle of rum, under his tree at Porky's for you. Now all I have to do is find the guy on Saipan with my bank card. Do you know a Rick Parker, diesel mechanic out of Guam, mostly?

I see we both made Greg C's hit list, and Glenn Hunter thinks I'm proposing physical violence. Sounds like Ron H all over again, figure of speech as in "first shot at ID'ing some one. Oh well.. mea culpa

Tamara said...

I'm just curious BSF, who is the guy in the controversial picture? Seeing that Lil' is a female, is he PP? and if so, how did you find this out? Inquiring minds want to know : )

glend558 said...

Tamara, Your diet is working wonders, but you better stop soon or you'll be back in diapers!

bigsoxfan said...

Tamara, I'm not sure now. I actually never noticed the guy,I figured the woman was 'lil., but the international no signal on the tshirts looked to me like the ban porky's symbol. And just for the record I'm not advocating violence. Better straighten that out right now, before I end up like the poor old last weatherman. "first shot" would be aimed towards, first chance to id the person in question. My wife wouldn't let me post the picture. Smart woman that wife.

G said...


perhaps i read to far into it. it surely sounded like a threat of physical violence. i have been wrong before and will be wrong again i am sure. if all you were advocating was trying to find out the name of the person walking with wendy i may be able to assist you. i will ask my friend ferdos if he knows his name. i had a chance to talk with him at AMP. he came off as a very nice gentleman. if he is pp or lil then they have a great man behind their masks.

if you are upset at me for wanting to take a bullet for him or anyone else in that march than you can be. i stand by that statement. directed mistakenly at you but still holds true to anyone that feels like they would like to harm anyone in that march.

and just to clarify i prefaced my statements on angelo's blog with a request for clarification on what you were stating.

this is the statement that led me to believe what i had presumed:

"Not saying you should hold yourself as a lightning rod on this one, let someone, with some distance enjoy themselves. I've alerted a couple of their more prominent victims should they want first shot."

also, you say you really don't like dengre and wendy. have you ever once tried to talk to them? perhaps if you did you may not walk away thinking any more highly of them but you may get a chance to see things from their perspective. i have spoke to both of them as well as many others who’s names have been dragged through the mud and often times it is amazing how what has been portrayed is completely off-base from what is reality.

glen hunter

bigsoxfan said...

Yeah, I overreacted Glen H. Can't seem to post on Angelo's page, so I'll have to clarify here. Guessing the identity of the bloggers is something to wile away the winter hours. I'm not in position to talk to wendy or dengre anytime soon, but the take I get from their posted stuff, is just plain one-sided and wrong. There is a lot they could be doing in Fla or Baltimore, except they might be in actual danger. Until then they are just a couple of liberal busy body's with out much more integrity than Fox news. Sure, saipan could use resolution on the immigration issues, but lowering themselves to the level of the right they protest so much, doesn't do them much good in my eyes. I'll give Wendy credit for putting her time in on the islands and not being quite as far down on the ladder as dengre. Allright, I'll say Wendy is ok. Like, I said; I overreacted. After another look at Wendy's posts; she has some balance, is working towards a clearly defined worthwile cause, and has lived the life. You are a persuasive fellow, congratulations to Tina for running a ballsy campaign. I suppose, by inference, you must be allright or Brad would have snatched her up long ago. That last parts a joke...

I'm off the whole subject now. I'll keep my quesses to myself. Damn if that doesn't look like a ban porky's logo though. I am not one to propose violence though, except; maybe on middle road when someone does something real stupid and I'm on the scooter. Mark Scease I suppose I'm as quilty as pp and 'lil for hiding behind a facade, but that is my picture and I do have a blog with an email address.. Which I'll probably have to change after this contrempts (sp?) this mess...

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Bridge looked seriously at La Fiesta a year and more ago but blew it off for the potentially more lucrative Tinian deal, so you are right in your assumption, Mark.

Casinos on Saipan, where the infrastructure already is would make far more, and do it far more quickly, but so far public resistance to that idea outweighs the reality of a sinking economy.

Rota has a shot at a whole new market (Guam) and I hope they go for it with gusto.

Tinian will take a lot of time to get up and running but will ultimately make a successful go of it. I think all three islands co-marketing together would be a more sucessful gaming venue than any one island trying to do it on its own. But individual fingers already in the pie, or wanting to dip therein, seem to keep that from happening.

Pragmatic Plato said...

"but so far public resistance to that idea outweighs the reality of a sinking economy. [bruce]"

You are really "stuck on stupid". The resistance was mainly due in part to the SCA itself not gambling in general. The resistance to this new bill lies in the priciple of the matter. Who the hell do the reps think they are representing without calling for a public hearing on this sensative subject?

"Rota has a shot at a whole new market (Guam) and I hope they go for it with gusto."

Have you ever asked yourself why the Rota Proposition passed? It is because it didn't involve the same race based crap that the SCA did and it didn't involve an NMDIC monoply that was paying people like you to push it.

If I am coming off harshly it is because you are being downright arrogant.

Boycott Porky's!