Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've been saying this all week ...You are pawns, to use another word, hostages, in the governments game to pass the Saipan gaming bill. POST #861 How does it feel not to be wanted and treated as disposable?
SOME government employees included in the administration’s latest furlough attempt are pleading for the extension of their employment contracts. Gov. Benigno R. Fitial yesterday met with lawmakers to discuss the renewal of 397 contractual employees despite the government’s cash-strapped situation. Many of the employees will reportedly get their last paychecks this Friday, including their tax rebates.
Did you happen to notice nothing was said about this in October, prior to the elections? No, you were to busy drooling over your sham lowered power rates to notice. Only now after you put the same old same old in office again, do you see their trickery and your folly of voting for them. (I'm speaking of the house) The point being, you are going to lose your jobs anyway, so why should't they squeeze you to accomplish a few certain wants before you are discarded.
Tell 'um to to go to hell and kiss your ass!
Now here is someone who sees through all the bullshit....
The Grinch is in town:
TO all involved in the Saipan gaming bill:

Shame on you for turning 300+ people’s livelihood into a high stake game of poker. RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS?! I think the Grinch is in town and he has started gambling already. You say it is just people being cynical, I am calling B.S. on that. (a lady after my own heart.) It is such an obvious power play! NOW you guys are being transparent. THE PEOPLE of SAIPAN ALREADY SAID NO TO GAMBLING AT THIS TIME!
Let us see
— will our senators of Rota and Tinian bend? Are those 100 + votes per island stronger than the PROMISE of future ECONOMIC DECLINE? Those contracts are only for 90 days. Three months. Then what? What will Tinian and Rota have to give up next?
Kagman, Saipan
Tell these
assholes you don't appreciate their doing this to you and never, never ever vote for any of them again....

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