Friday, December 21, 2007


Others see it as already ruined
Senator Says People Disillusioned With Fitial Administration
A SENATOR who is also the party mate of the governor says the people are already disillusioned by the administration’s failure to revive the islands’ tourism-based economy more than two years after it was sworn in.
Well, someone is finally seeing the light that this existing government is a total failure. I remember the promises of how the Lt. governor would have run the government because the governor, himself, would be so busy getting new investors that he wouldn't have the time for anything else, do you remember this too?
Senate Floor Leader Felix Mendiola, Covenant-Rota, said he and the people of the CNMI are still waiting for the “better times” promised by Gov. Benigno R. Fitial. But Press Secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr. said “things don’t happen overnight” and added that the CNMI has seen new investments in the past two years — Kumho Asiana, Emmanuel College and Loyola University.
I'm taking it that this wishy-washy government was more of a stumbling block to these efforts and were not instrumental to them happening at all. Charles, a two year night?, did we just have a two year night? I'll be guessing the next two years will remain in this same long nightmare.
“I am disillusioned because we’re not seeing our economy moving forward,” Mendiola told Variety. “Where’s the pozzolan industry now and the other investments that they promised?” The administration earlier rejected JG Sablan’s proposal to mine the pozzolan deposits on the northern island of Pagan. A scientific expedition was sent on Pagan but the request for proposals inviting bidders to mine the volcanic ash used as additive for cement-making didn’t push through.
The whole pozzolan industry is a lost cause thanks to a certain special interest group desiring not to get a bad deal got exactly what they wanted, no 'greedy' company got to make a bad deal for the CNMI instead they got a no deal. But is a get absolutely nothing deal the best choice?
“We’re not addressing the ills of our economy,” Mendiola said. “Politicking should be set aside. There’s no time for indifference. We have to move ahead…with one voice, one direction." Reyes said the administration respects the senator’s opinion.“We have already outlined our plans for economic recovery,” he said. “Things are still happening. But we don’t want to have poor relations with the Senate. We don’t want to destroy ourselves politically.”
And just where are these secret mysterious plans?
Well tootle loo. Cry me a river and wring your hands. What does the relationship with the senate have to do with the administrations failures? Is it because the senate won't accept a railroaded, crammed down the throat gaming bill, from a governor who said, "I'll never support casinos on Saipan until Tinian is complete" that you wanted to rush bullheaded through the Senate using 400 employees as pawns, is that the reason it's their fault?
Well, we'll just have to wait until the upcoming federalization and the piddly wage increases to really ruin the economy won't we? Due to the fact that federalization will impede the governors uncanny ability to attract investors, the future is even bleaker then the present according to the "it'll ruin the economy" governor Fitial.
Admit it this govermnent is a loser so stop trying to made excuses for it. Just let it burn...


bigsoxfan said...

I think "pawns" is too gentle a term. If you look at the trashbin article today on the layoffs, over half seem to be from Tinian and Rota according to the published break down. I would humbly suggest those employees were held hostage to the aministrations demands. Shame, even Lyndon Johnson wasn't so blatent in his exercise of power. Well, not often.

glend558 said...

Post #864 here is a quote..
I've been saying this all week ...You are pawns, to use another word, hostages, in the governments game to pass the Saipan gaming bill.
Idiot game wasn't it? I'm glad it's now over...The Senate was right on in their decision and not swayed by stupid games.

KAP said...

While I feel sorry for the workers that were laid off... they are contract or limited term, meaning they more than likely didn't get the jobs competitively. And 'community worker' in a mayor's office is a full-employment votegetter.