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THE principal sponsor of the bill that is now Commonwealth Employment Act of 2007, Cinta Kaipat says foreign workers who can’t stand the local labor system "can leave."
So what would you do if they took up your challenge and all left? This place would stop so fast your ass would pass your lips.
She added that foreign workers were not brought here to “build our economy — we opened it up for you.
Boy, is this statement screwed up! Are you saying they were out there asking you to give them jobs so you, being the nice guys you are, decided to do them a favor and hand out jobs? Go ahead tell me about it...
You wanted jobs and we gave you that opportunity to come in and work. We have the right to decide how many people to bring in…if it’s so bad here, why is it so hard for anyone to leave?
Second call for you to leave, it might be time for you to start considering it, especially if the sponsor of a labor reform bill feels that way about you, what do you think will come next?
Why blame us for wanting to employ our local citizens?
This brings me to this question, Why did you bring them here and not employ your local citizens in the fist place? That doesn't make sense either. Go on...
That has been contemplated since 1983. We are only to bring in workers that we need. It’s our prerogative.”
You have been contemplating this for almost 25 years? When will we get a decision as to what you want to do? If you only bring workers here that you need then why are they here, did you lose count or get confused when approving their entry permits. By the way, weren't you part of Labor and Immigration when these workers were allowed in? This really is about being a sore looser isn't it? Suck it up and move on this was, is and always will be a horrible law and never will work in it's present form..
Kaipat, who lost her re-election bid, said her bill exempts employers from the mandatory exit requirement if their workforce is 30 percent local.
That's Bullshit and you know it... Is this a truthful representation of what the law actually says? I think you are now misinforming us to make you look better... The law says: Reduces the mandatory exit time to 60 days don't it? 60 Day Rule.... Employers can reduce from six months to 60 days the periodic exit requirement for their foreign national workers by keeping a 30-percent local workforce, according to draft regulations implementing the new labor law. Why don't you tell it like it is? Feel free to comment...


Pragmatic Plato said...

So saddening. But on another note, there is a clean up this Thursday at Ladder Beach. Friends of the Marianas and Mover and Power and other non-resident groups will be out assisting with the Beautify CNMI campaign... Cinta would liek to clairify however that the members of these groups are not "needed" at the clean ups and that they are the ones that "wanted" to assist. If they don't like the clean ups they can "go somewhere else on island and toss papers".

On a serious note. Regarding the section of the regs that you quoted, here is the portion of the LAW that those regs are supposed to be enforcing:

5 4953. Periodic exit required.

(a) Except as provided herein, a foreign national worker shall exit and remain absent from the Commonwealth for at least six (6) consecutive months during every fortytwo (42) month period.

(b) The requirement in subsection (a) shall not apply to foreign national workers who are
key employees and have skills essential to the success of the business of an employer
of ten (10) or more employees; provided that the employer is in compliance with Section 4525 of th~psa rt and provided that no foreign national worker may remain in the Commonwealth for more than seven consecutive years without an exit as required under subsection (a). The designation of key employees is at the discretion of the employer. The number of employees who may be exempted from subsection (a) for each employer may not exceed ten percent (10%) of the employer's foreign national
workers and shall be governed by the Secretary by regulation to assist in achieving the efficient implementation of the periodic exit requirement.

(c) For purposes of this subsection, foreign national workers lawfully in the
Cormonwealth on the effective date of this section shall be deemed to have entered the Commonwealth on the effective date of this section unless otherwise provided by
regulation. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed as providing an exemption from the requirements of 3 CMC $4521 or any other provision of this part.

That is an example of how the regulations are creating new law and actually changing the passed law rather than enforcing the law.

Boycott Porky's!


glend558 said...

Thanks, PP. What the hell are you doing writing comments at 3:40 AM? I thought I was up alone... The only night owl.

Tamara said...


you must not have been living here back when the garment factories first opened up..There were lines of local workers waiting to put in applications to be sewers, cutters, boxers, etc...but at the last minute, we found out that there were thousands of people in China who needed jobs, so we all stepped aside and decided to allow the Chinese to come in and take those jobs. You know, out of the kindness of our hearts...not because we needed them to build our economy or anything...noooo sireee, we could have done that all on our own....

yeahhhhh right!

glend558 said...

Sorry Tamara, I missed those times of sacrifices to help those poor people get jobs. But it was so noble of you to step aside and give all those less fortunate a place to work..

comecorrect said...

i wanted a job at the local factory, but they hired a chinese instead. i was mad. i was so mad that i did nothing and collected foodstamp for ten years. now i'm fat and have no inclination to work at the factory or any other job. i eat shrimp, why work?

Anonymous said...

your right..food stamps rule.. I can't wait till they bring back the USDA cheese and fruit cocktail..awesome...

me said...

don't forget the peanut butter and the melted butter, anon.

scrammbled said...

and the powdered eggs. YUM!